New WordStream Offering Brings the 20-Minute Work Week to Paid Social Ads

Social product will help businesses of all sizes advertise successfully on Facebook

Boston, MA, October 6 2015 -- WordStream Inc., a provider of online advertising software and services, today introduced its latest software offering, designed to help small businesses capitalize on the huge potential of Facebook advertising. The new social offering is fully integrated into WordStream Advisor, the company’s flagship pay-per-click (PPC) software, and will leverage the 20-Minute Work Week to provide expert guidance for companies looking to expand or improve their social advertising efforts.

With its huge reach, paid social advertising offers the biggest opportunity to engage and convert customers since paid search – but its sheer size and complexity can be daunting for novice marketers and businesses with small budgets. WordStream’s new social product was developed to make social advertising simpler and more effective for everyone, providing guided workflows to help marketers find the right audience and grow their leads and customers in as little time as possible. Key benefits include: 

  • The ability to reach a huge new audience and manage those campaigns in one easy-to-use platform
  • Expert recommendations within WordStream Advisor’s 20-Minute Work Week
  • Precise audience targeting for maximum ROI

“Businesses want to accelerate growth and it’s no secret that social ad platforms like Facebook offer a great opportunity. Many just don’t have the time or resources to explore it, leaving big revenue dollars on the table,” said Larry Kim, founder and chief technology officer of WordStream. “Integrating social into WordStream Advisor makes social advertising easy – the software helps you identify the right audience and target ads with precision, so you can focus a small budget on the best possible prospects.”

According to estimates based on Facebook’s Q2 2015 revenues, Facebook ads receive approximately 33 billion clicks per year – a staggering opportunity for businesses. But many marketers aren’t sure where to start, and there is little guidance provided within the native Facebook interface. WordStream Advisor streamlines the setup and optimization process with a guided workflow and powerful features to help users be successful with paid social campaigns.

“Previously, I had struggled to turn my efforts using Facebook ads into genuine, measurable results. I was boosting my ads using both the Facebook newsfeed and the Facebook Side Rail, with little improvement to my results. I just don’t have the time to be an expert in paid social advertising,” said Kathleen McCarthy, owner of PPC Optimizer 4 U. “The dramatic improvement in results using WordStream includes tangible conversions on my retail website – allowing me to put my focus where it’s needed, on my business.”

WordStream Advisor including the new social offering is available now. For a free trial, please visit this page.

About WordStream 

WordStream Inc. provides software and services that help marketers get the maximum results from their online marketing efforts. WordStream's easy-to-use software allows for more effective paid search and social campaigns with the 20-Minute Work Week, a customized workflow that guides marketers through steps that can greatly improve their AdWords, Bing, Yahoo, and Facebook campaigns, plus tools for call tracking, keyword optimization, and more. WordStream also offers an award-winning free PPC tool, the AdWords Performance Grader, which evaluates users' Google AdWords accounts and provides valuable tips for improvement. WordStream is a Google Premier Partner.