WordStream’s New PPC Success Report Provides Beautiful, Simplified PPC Reporting for Advertisers

WordStream Adds PPC Reporting Within WordStream Advisor Software

Boston, MA (May 31, 2013) - WordStream Inc., a provider of PPC management software and services, released a new reporting feature as part of its WordStream Advisor software: the PPC Success Report. The PPC Success Report creates a beautiful and comprehensive visual analysis of a user’s account performance at the click of a button, allowing WordStream customers to:

  •     Save time on PPC reporting and analysis,
  •     Better understand their PPC results, and
  •     Effectively communicate PPC success to their team and clients.

WordStream research shows that reporting and analysis is one of the most time-consuming tasks in paid search advertising. “AdWords advertisers describe reporting as the #1 or #2 time sink,” said Larry Kim, WordStream founder and Chief Technology Officer. “The problem is that most PPC reporting tools are too complex. You go into AdWords to check one metric and end up falling into a rabbit hole. Two hours later you can’t remember why you logged on in the first place. And the reports you deliver to your manager – or, if you’re an agency, to your clients – are dense, bland, and incomprehensible to anyone who doesn’t live and breathe Excel.”

The PPC Success Report addresses this problem by delivering a fast, visually appealing, and easy-to-understand report that focuses on key top-level metrics and analysis including:

  • The Search Performance Funnel, which includes cost, impressions, clicks, CTR, total conversions, conversion rate, and cost per acquisition as well as percent change from the previous month.
  • Account Health & Trends, which presents a graphical view of how impression-weighted Quality Score, click-through rate, average CPC, total cost, and CPA are trending month over month.
  • Top Performers, including a word cloud of top keyword performers and insight into top-performing text ads.

The PPC Success Report, now available in all WordStream PPC Advisor accounts, offers faster, easier, more beautiful PPC reporting for advertisers on AdWords and Bing. To see images and read more details on the new reports, read Larry Kim’s full article at the WordStream blog on AdWords reporting.

About WordStream

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