WordStream Announces PPC University

PPC University is a free resource that makes learning paid search accessible, straightforward and actionable.

BOSTON, July 29, 2014 – WordStream Inc., a provider of search engine marketing software and services, today announced the launch of PPC University, a completely free learning resource that aims to take the headaches out of learning about pay-per-click advertising for those new to internet marketing.

Learning paid search can be intimidating. With so many acronyms and concepts to understand, many people feel as though they’re flying blind. To make matters worse, conflicting information about PPC concepts can result in bad habits that can negatively impact PPC campaigns and cost advertisers money.

To address these problems and make PPC more accessible, WordStream has launched PPC University, an organized, accessible learning resource that introduces learners to the concepts of paid search in simple language. Readers can advance through the topics at their own pace, and each lesson builds upon concepts introduced in previous lessons to gradually increase learners’ knowledge of paid search in an intuitive way.

PPC U, created by WordStream’s in-house team of AdWords experts, is separated into three tracks: 

  • PPC 101 – Learn the answer to basic questions like “What is PPC?” and “What are keywords?” as well as all the key elements of a Google AdWords account, from keywords to ad groups to campaign structure, and the primary metrics important to paid search management, such as cost per click and Quality Score.
  • PPC 102 – Learn intermediate PPC optimization tips and tactics including keyword research, landing page optimization, bid management, and ad text optimization.
  • Advanced PPC – Once you’ve nailed the basics, learn more advanced search engine marketing strategies such as retargeting, geotargeting, and mobile PPC.

PPC University lessons also include visual elements such as diagrams and infographics to illustrate key search marketing concepts. By following the learning path outlined by PPC U, marketers who are new to paid search can pick up the essential concepts quickly before progressing to more advanced techniques that will improve their Google AdWords and Bing search campaigns.

“PPC University guides learners on a structured path from the foundations of paid search such as how the ad auction works, to more advanced topics such as bid optimization and remarketing,” said Larry Kim, founder and Chief Technology Officer of WordStream. “I don’t know of any other resource that provides this much information in a digestible format for no cost.”

PPC U is a one-stop destination for business owners and marketing professionals seeking to deepen their knowledge of paid search. Visit PPC U to learn more.

About WordStream:

WordStream Inc., a member of the Google Premier Partners list, provides software and services that help marketers get the maximum results from search engine marketing. WordStream's easy-to-use WordStream Advisor software allows for more effective SEM campaigns by providing the 20-Minute PPC Work Week, a customized workflow that guides marketers through steps that can greatly improve their AdWords campaigns, including tools for landing page creation, ad optimization, keyword research, cost management, PPC reporting, call tracking and more. WordStream’s managed services team uses WordStream Advisor to deliver quality traffic, clicks and conversions for businesses looking to improve their pay-per-click marketing efforts with minimal time investment. WordStream also offers an award-winning free PPC tool, the AdWords Performance Grader, which evaluates users' PPC accounts and provides valuable tips for improvement, as well as PPC University, a free learning resource for marketers.