Media Alert: WordStream Founder to Appear on National, Online Marketing Radio Program

BOSTON, MA – July 7, 2009

What:  WordStream, Inc., a provider of keyword management solutions for continuously optimizing and expanding pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO) efforts involving large numbers of keywords, announced today that Founder and VP of Product Development Larry Kim will be a featured guest on the “Online Marketing with RSS Ray” Internet radio program. Kim will be discussing the significance of keyword research, keyword discovery and keyword grouping to the success of Web marketing efforts.

Who:  Larry Kim has more than eight years experience running large-scale, paid and organic search marketing campaigns, both in-house and through a search marketing agency, during which time he spent countless hours conducting keyword research. Larry is the founder and VP of Products & Marketing for WordStream, Inc.

A free trial of the WordStream Keyword Tool is available at http://www.wordstream.com/try

“Online Marketing with RSS Ray” is a weekly radio program broadcast on wsRadio.com. The show’s topics include Search Engine Marketing, SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Online Performance and Web analytics.

When:  Wednesday, July 8, 2009, 1 p.m. EDT

Where:  Listen LIVE, online at http://www.wsradio.com/internet-talk-radio.cfm/shows/Online-Marketing-with-RSS-Ray.html

About WordStream

WordStream is a provider of Keyword Management solutions for continuously optimizing and expanding PPC and SEO efforts, involving large numbers of keywords. WordStream provides a scalable, private, online keyword workbench--which includes an SEO keyword tool, a keyword grouper and an alternative to the Google keyword tool --for conducting keyword discovery, keyword suggestion, keyword research, keyword grouping, keyword organization, search marketing workflow and for turning research into action.

WordStream believes that an organization's keyword taxonomy is a valuable, proprietary asset, and that organizing, prioritizing, coordinating and executing of PPC and SEO efforts around a comprehensive, researched and up-to-date keyword taxonomy is the key to SEO and PPC success, which improves your AdWords bidding. Keyword Management improves search marketing productivity and enables greater relevance, which enhances the value of paid and natural search marketing efforts.

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Laura Taylor, VP of Acquisition 
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