Survey Results: Spend on Search Engine Marketing Continues to Soar

New search engine marketing spending survey suggests that businesses will continue to spend more on search marketing this year despite the economic downturn

February 11, 2010 – WordStream, Inc., a provider of pay-per-click software (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO) tools, has published the latest results from its 2010 Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Spending Trend Survey.

WordStream conducted an extensive, online survey and collected responses from hundreds of business owners, marketing managers and industry professionals. The survey results reveal that, despite the worst economic climate since the Great Depression, demand for SEM and Web marketing services continues to rise, with 68% of respondents saying they plan to spend more on search this year.

“More business owners are realizing they need to focus on search engine marketing,” says Ken Lyons, marketing manager at WordStream. “They may not fully comprehend SEO and PPC management, but they know these are highly effective, measurable and profitable sales channels, which they need to incorporate into their marketing plan. And having endured a brutal economy, they see the need to leverage highly-profitable sales channels like SEM as even more critical.”

The results of the WordStream 2010 SEM Spending Trend Survey also show that many companies appear to be moving their search marketing efforts in-house and will spend less on outside SEM agencies and consultants.

“The trend to a more Do-it-Yourself approach to search marketing is certainly intriguing but not unexpected,” says Lyons. “Given that search marketing software is becoming more pervasive, intuitive and user-friendly, and that business owners have ready access to affordable online SEM educational resources, like Internet Marketing Blogs, I’m not surprised that companies are adopting a more hands-on-approach to search.”

To see the results from the WordStream 2010 SEM Spending Trend Survey, go to: http://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2010/02/11/sem-spend-survey-results

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