WordStream Announces a Pair of Firsts for SEO & PPC Keyword Research Tools

Industry-leading Keyword Management Solution Adds Multi-Source Keyword Analytics & Google Analytics API Integration.

November 10, 2009 – WordStream, Inc., a provider of search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) solutions for continuously optimizing and expanding search marketing efforts, today announced the release of two new features in their flagship keyword management solution that represent exciting industry firsts for search marketers.

WordStream is the first keyword tool provider to integrate their software with Google Analytics, layering on tools to help search marketers take action on top of the data provided by the popular analytics service.

The Boston-based, venture backed startup also announced the release of a new tool that allows marketers to analyze keyword data from a variety of different sources within their WordStream accounts. This feature, described as “multi-source keyword analytics,” allows marketers to analyze data from organic search, paid search, and estimated totals from a keyword suggestion tool side-by-side.

WordStream founder and VP of Product Development Larry Kim stated that:

“Our solution is about making sense of keyword data of all sorts, and then turning that information into business-driving activity on your website. By integrating with the most widely adopted Web analytics provider, it’s  easier for our customers and prospective customers to take advantage of our Keyword Management solution.”

Kim further explained the value of WordStream’s multi-source keyword analytics capabilities:

“There’s a disconnect in keyword research tools today – on one hand, you have basic keyword tools which offer keyword suggestions and traffic estimates, and on the other hand, your own Web analytics data which reveals how people are actually finding and converting on your site. New features  enable our customers to aggregate real,  paid and natural search data alongside keyword tool estimates and other brainstormed keyword ideas into one integrated dashboard. This means more efficient and more comprehensive keyword research, which will lead to more effective search marketing efforts .”

The announcement comes on the heels of a recent study commissioned by Google that concluded 53% of enterprises use a free technology solution as their primary Web analytics tool, with 71% leveraging a free solution in some capacity. By integrating with the dominant free analytics solution, and by allowing those engaging in search marketing to do more with their data, WordStream is positioned to better service a wider array of customers.

In addition to Analytics API integration and multi-source keyword analytics, WordStream’s latest product release also boasts a series of other product enhancements. Highlights include:

  • Improved machine learning and keyword segmentation algorithms
  • Integration with WordStream’s popular Free Keyword Tool

With this update, WordStream offers a wider pool of search marketers a more powerful solution for aggregating, organizing, and acting on keyword data. WordStream makes their software available for use in a two week free trial, after which users can elect to subscribe to one of several fixed-price monthly service offerings.

About WordStream

WordStream is a provider of Keyword Management solutions for continuously optimizing and expanding PPC and SEO efforts, involving large numbers of keywords. WordStream provides a scalable, private, online keyword workbench--which includes a keyword search tool, PPC keyword tool and a Bing keyword tool--for conducting keyword discovery, keyword suggestion, keyword research, keyword grouping, keyword organization, Web analytics, search marketing workflow and for turning research into action.

WordStream believes that an organization's keyword taxonomy is a valuable, proprietary asset, and that organizing, prioritizing, coordinating and executing of PPC and SEO efforts around a comprehensive, researched and up-to-date keyword taxonomy is the key to PPC and SEO success. Keyword management improves search marketing productivity and enables greater relevance, which enhances the value of paid and natural search marketing efforts.