WordStream Releases Search Engine Marketing Optimization & Productivity Platform

New search marketing solutions simplify and expedite the creation and maintenance of high quality score search engine marketing campaigns.

CAMBRIDGE, MA - 10/01/2008 - WordStream Inc. (http://www.WordStream.com), an industry leading provider of Long-Tail search engine marketing solutions today announced the immediate availability of WordStream, an innovative online search engine marketing and search engine optimization application that dramatically simplifies the work that goes into creating high Quality Score search engine marketing campaigns, which in turn continuously increases productivity while helping to lower costs and improve relevance. WordStream is now available for free trial sign-up.

Unlike other pay-per-click SEM solutions that rely entirely on bid maniplulation, WordStream automates the work that goes into the creation and maintenance of effective and relevant keyword research and keyword grouping.  The software also offers tools for optimal ad text authoring, PPC management and workflow tools, and the automation and optimization of various other search engine marketing best practices.

WordStream is a learning system that continuously improves and optimizes advertiser campaigns, providing users with the ability to manage complex search and contextual ad buys from a single dashboard.  And unlike traditional keyword tools that provide only short and static lists of keywords, WordStream expands the reach of your search marketing efforts by leveraging the power of the Long tail of search to enable customers to find inexpensive (yet conversion-friendly) advertising opportunities. Furthermore, WordStream empowers search engine marketers with powerful workflow management tools that suggest and prioritize an optimal course of action which offers maximum returns per advertiser time investment.

WordStream offers tools focused on improving quality while uniquely simplifying the long tail of search. This improves ad position while reducing cost-per click. Meaning WordStream customers are able to increase productivity while improving relevance and lowering their overall PPC costs.

"Previously, researching keywords, grouping the keywords, crafting relevant ad text and other work involved in setting up successful PPC campaigns took hours of labor" said Larry Kim, founder of WordStream, Inc. "WordStream offers advertisers and search marketing agencies seeking to optimize their campaigns an alternative to the tedious, time consuming tasks associated with high performance search campaigns. WordStream users are provided with a powerful means for gaining a competitive edge in search engine marketing; simply put, our software platform optimizes the search marketing optimization process."

The following are just some of the features included in the initial release of WordStream:

  • Keyword Research - WordStream provides visual, long tail keyword research tools. Advertisers can automatically generate exhaustive lists of potentially millions of relevant search terms by automatically importing valuable keyword data from third party Web analytics applications, Web server log files or Keyword suggestion tools.
  • Keyword Grouping - The application offers keyword grouping, querying, and visualization tools which make the initial organization and continuous maintenance of well-optimized, high-performance keyword groupings managable in just a few hours a week.
  • Ad text authoring and campaign publishing - The 2008 WordStream release offers inegration between WordStream's "off line" editing tools and major search advertising APIs, along with intelligent ad copy editing tools. This enables you to manage every aspect of your PPC camapign (from analytics through keyword research to ad text creation all the way through the actual posting of account changes).
  • Negative Keyword Detection and Filtering - WordStream offers a series of tools for the identification and automation of keyword filtering; the software's negative keyword solutions ensure you won't be wasting money on irrelevant clicks.
  • Automated Campaign Optimization and Keyword Suggestion - The software works behind the scenes to perpetually grow your personal keyword database while intuitively grouping new keywords and presenting customers with better and better keyword segmentations. This creates an iterative, self-perpetuating campaign structure which offers customers compounding results.
  • Workflow Management and Automation Tools - The application presents intuitive visualization tools which clearly depict for customers the most profitable uses of their time and other resources.

WordStream productizes key search engine marketing best practices and workflow, automating all of the time consuming, repetitive search marketing tasks - the result is unprecidented productivity, value and relevance. 


WordStream is available immediately via a free trial or a monthly service contract. Contact WordStream to get connected with a sales associate for a free consultation and demo.

About WordStream

WordStream is a Web based software as a service (SaaS) search engine marketing and search engine optimization platform. WordStream offers a fully-featured software application with innovative solutions to all facets of search marketing including keyword research, keyword grouping, keyword suggestion, Web analytics, content authoring, information architecture, and more. WordStream is being used by industry leaders, and provides unique technology which offers customers a competitive advantage, and results in continual month-over-month increases in key performance indicators by simplifying, automating, and optimizing search engine marketing campaigns. WordStream is a Cambridge-based start-up funded by Sigma Partners. For more information, visit: http://www.WordStream.com.