WordStream Launches A One-Stop Ecommerce Advertising Solution

Boston, MA, April 2, 2019 – WordStream, Inc., a provider of online marketing software and services, has released its latest offering: WordStream Advisor for Ecommerce, a platform that streamlines ecommerce advertising campaign management to help retailers and the agencies that serve them save time and maximize results. Managing shopping campaigns, optimizing for on-site conversions, and building out shopping feeds takes time. In fact, in one survey of small and medium-sized ecommerce businesses, we found that 67% of advertisers consider structuring campaigns, ad groups, and product groups correctly to be their biggest challenge. By streamlining these tasks in a central, easy-to-use platform, WordStream Advisor for Ecommerce will transform the way ecommerce merchants manage and optimize retail advertising campaigns.

The new platform offers a one-stop-shop for ecommerce advertisers by combining WordStream’s time-saving tools and new shopping-specific features to support the needs of ecommerce advertisers.The company’s QueryStream tool provides users with shopping-specific optimizations, and the 20-Minute Work Week features two brand new alerts for shopping campaigns. WordStream Advisor for Ecommerce users will also eliminate wasted time and boost revenue with new tools, including:

  • Fast and easy data feed management and optimization.

  • Pop-ups, forms, and landing pages for on-site conversion rate optimization.

  • Integration with Google Merchant Center to preview product-level images and data.

With these features, WordStream Advisor for Ecommerce enables advertisers to get the right products in front of the right audience when they’re ready to buy.

According to WordStream Director of Ecommerce Meg Lister, “This is a natural extension of our core mission to help SMBs succeed and grow, and we've worked hard over the past year to build new features specifically designed to help ecommerce businesses with the pressures of advertising and growing revenue. We're thrilled to expand our online advertising expertise to better serve ecommerce advertisers.”

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About WordStream

WordStream is on a mission to make online advertising easy. The WordStream Advisor platform helps businesses of all sizes maximize the results of their online advertising by giving advertisers powerful tools to easily build, manage and optimize campaigns across ad networks like Google Ads, Bing, Instagram, Facebook—and more!