WordStream Celebrates 1 Million AdWords Performance Grader Reports with New Feature Release

New version of award-winning tool includes updates to align with a mobile-first world and latest Google features

BOSTON, MA, SEPTEMBER 19, 2016 - WordStream, Inc., a provider of online marketing software and services, today announced the release of the updated AdWords Performance Grader, the award-winning free tool that provides users with a comprehensive report on the effectiveness of their Google AdWords PPC account. Notably, the newest update has sections which grade mobile-specific ads and Expanded Text Ads while continuing to check overall best practices and delivering actionable tips for improvement.

The updated AdWords Grader is released on the heels of a major milestone: the free tool has been run over 1 million times, analyzing over $9 billion in unique ad spend. WordStream boasts the largest source of AdWords data outside of Google itself, and this data is leveraged to provide valuable and prescriptive account analysis for businesses with active PPC accounts.

What’s New with the AdWords Performance Grader?

In addition to implementing Expanded Text Ads this year, Google has made it clear that AdWords is moving toward a mobile-first philosophy. To stay on top of the changing landscape, updates to the Grader are focused around mobile and Expanded Text Ad data and insights. The following five sections in WordStream’s AdWords Performance Grader have been updated and optimized: 

  • Mobile Advertising: This section, which has been completely revamped and is available exclusively to WordStream customers, analyzes mobile advertising costs compared to desktop and industry benchmarks.
  • Expanded Text Ads: A completely new section to help advertisers transition from standard text ads to the expanded versions. Google will phase out the old text ad formats entirely in early 2017, so it’s imperative that businesses act now.
  • Click-Through Rate: CTR analysis is now separated by desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.
  • Text Ad Optimization: Each account’s best and worst ads are now segmented by desktop and mobile performance.
  • Best Practices: The Grader now checks to see if mobile bid modifiers are being used in any of the account’s ad groups.

With a smaller screen, different ad formats, voice search and other variables at play, it’s much easier to fail on mobile. These new features make the AdWords Performance Grader even more valuable as a source of free competitive intelligence, especially for small and medium-sized businesses who are learning how to win in search marketing.

“We’re thrilled that so many businesses have already used the Grader to get help with their accounts. One million is an amazing milestone!” said Larry Kim, founder of WordStream. “However, the AdWords landscape is changing all the time, so our tools are evolving too. It’s crucial for advertisers to check and re-check their accounts when there’s a huge announcement like Expanded Text Ads. Everyone needs to find out where they stand and what they need to do to take advantage of the opportunity before it’s too late.”

Why Use the AdWords Performance Grader to Analyze Your Account?

The AdWords Performance Grader helps find costly mistakes in your AdWords account and then fix them for free. It is a fast, easy way to find out how your account performance stacks up against competitors.

The AdWords Performance Grader is free and open to all businesses with an active Google AdWords account. Go to http://www.wordstream.com/google-adwords to get your free report.

About WordStream

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