WordStream Provides New Free Tool for Marketers to Benchmark AdWords Campaigns Against PPC Best Practices

August 08, 2011 - WordStream Inc., a provider of search marketing software and services, today launched its free AdWords Performance Grader for Google AdWords campaigns. The AdWords Performance Grader helps marketers evaluate how their AdWords campaigns are performing on a variety of key criteria and identify where and, most importantly, how to make improvements.

“At WordStream, we have worked with thousands of small and medium-sized businesses to build out keywords for their AdWords campaigns. We’ve witnessed how many hands-on marketers have not yet mastered fundamental best practices of PPC ad campaigns,” said Larry Kim, WordStream Founder and Chief Technology Officer. “We built this free tool to provide advertisers with an easy to digest snapshot of how their ad campaigns are performing and to tutor them on how to make changes that will boost their performance and save money.”

WordStream's AdWords Performance Grader is available to use free at:  http://www.wordstream.com/google-adwords.

“Most businesses that have to manage their own PPC campaigns don’t have the time or the skills to regularly evaluate how their campaigns are performing and to reduce wasted spend,” said PPC advertising expert Mary O'Brien, founder of the Internet Marketing Institute and chairman of the PPC Summits. “WordStream’s new PPC campaign evaluation tool provides a simple solution for marketers to evaluate how their AdWords campaigns are performing against the most important factors and enables them to take snapshots frequently and easily.”

WordStream’s AdWords Performance Grader examines key campaign features including:

  • Effective use of negative keywords to control spend
  • Quality Score for text ads and the keywords targeted
  • Click-through rates on ads
  • Impression share for ads
  • Long-tail keyword optimization
  • Text ad optimization
  • Landing page optimization
  • PPC best practices

The AdWords Performance Grader also provides marketers with benchmark data as to how their campaigns perform in comparison to companies with similar advertising budgets.

“Advertising has matured to the point where most companies today operate Google AdWords campaigns,“said Ralph Folz, WordStream CEO. “At WordStream, we are constantly striving to make available superior search marketing tools and services for PPC campaigns to a growing roster of companies in the SMB marketplace. The AdWords Performance Grader is part of our ongoing effort to both educate marketers in their campaign evaluations and promote best practices,” added Folz.

About WordStream

Recently named an “OnDemand Top 100 Winner for SaaS” by AlwaysOn, WordStream provides Internet marketing software and PPC services that helps search marketers get better results from their PPC and SEO efforts. The company’s easy-to-use software facilitates more effective paid and organic search campaigns by increasing relevance and Quality Scores in Google AdWords, automating proven best practices, and delivering expert-level results in a fraction of the time. Whether you're new to search marketing or are experienced at PPC management, WordStream's simple tools for better keyword research and organization, AdWords management, and Quality Score optimization can help grow your business and drive better results.

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