WordStream Launches Time-Saving Software for Digital Marketing Agencies

January 31, 2017 - WordStream Inc., a provider of online advertising software and services, has released its latest offering: WordStream Advisor for Agencies, the only platform built specifically for digital marketing agencies offering paid search and paid social marketing services. Managing online advertising for multiple clients across AdWords, Bing, and Facebook is time-consuming and inefficient. By streamlining workflow and providing valuable recommendations on what to do first and in which client accounts, agencies using WordStream Advisor for Agencies are able to save time, grow their client base, and increase revenue.

The WordStream Advisor for Agencies platform distills routine account work and high-level optimization across multiple platforms into a single, user-friendly interface. Even if an agency doesn’t specialize in paid search or paid social, the easy-to-use platform and structured guidance make servicing client accounts simple and efficient.

WordStream Advisor for Agencies leverages the company’s 20-Minute Work Week and Performance Dashboard features, giving agencies the ability to use online advertising to drive more leads and sales for each and every one of their clients. Additionally, the platform’s all-new Client Center provides an at-a-glance overview of all client profiles, giving digital marketing agencies a jumping-off point for managing and optimizing accounts.

Unlike the AdWords MCC, the Client Center helps agencies prioritize their workflow and take meaningful actions across profiles and platforms. WordStream Advisor for Agencies’ Client Center provides users with: 

  •     Key performance metrics for every client profile (broken down by ad platform)
  •     Color-coded budget tracking so agencies don’t over- or underspend
  •     Profile-level alerts and notifications that indicate when changes were last made

According to Larry Kim, WordStream’s Founder and CTO, “The single most important thing to our agency clients is time savings. We wanted to give agencies a more efficient way to maximize the value of our software across their whole portfolio of clients and across multiple ad platforms. That’s why we developed WordStream Advisor for Agencies, specifically to help agencies scale, work faster, and deliver better results.”

Get started with a free trial of WordStream Advisor for Agencies.

About WordStream

WordStream, Inc. provides software and services that help marketers get the maximum results from their online marketing efforts. WordStream's easy-to-use software allows for more effective paid search and social campaigns with the 20-Minute Work Week, a customized workflow that guides marketers through steps that can greatly improve their AdWords, Bing, and Facebook campaigns, plus tools for call tracking, keyword optimization, and more. WordStream also offers an award-winning free PPC tool, the AdWords Performance Grader, which evaluates users' Google AdWords accounts and provides valuable tips for improvement. WordStream is a Google Premier Partner.