WordStream Releases New Facebook Advertising Opportunity Calculator

Tool provides free analysis to help businesses see the value of Facebook ads

BOSTON, MA, JUNE 21, 2016 - WordStream Inc., a provider of online advertising software and services, has introduced a new free social advertising tool, the Facebook Advertising Opportunity Calculator, which is designed to help small businesses see how many people really see their organic Facebook posts as well as calculate the potential impact to their business of Facebook Advertising. The new tool will be the fastest and easiest way for marketers who are not yet advertising on Facebook to answer the burning question, “Do Facebook ads really work?”

Why Marketers Need the Facebook Opportunity Calculator

Many marketers and business owners assume that if their Facebook page has 100 followers, each post will have 100 views. This is far from the case. WordStream’s new tool uses real-world data to show that unpaid engagement is actually much lower. It also quantifies how many more people would see a business’s content – greatly increasing the potential to grow their business with more leads and sales – if they spent just a little to promote it.

How the Facebook Advertising Opportunity Calculator Works

Through a one-time, secure connection, the tool quickly delivers a complete report and analysis of a company’s Facebook Business Page with information on page fans, existing average user views, advertising potential, an interactive cost calculator and remarketing tips. The analysis includes: 

  • Number of post views
  • Likes, Shares, and Comments per post
  • Page Impressions per month
  • Current audience
  • Maximum free audience
  • Paid audience potential

Using this information and a proposed budget for paid advertising, the tool can extrapolate how a business’s audience could be increased with Facebook Advertising. If a business does not currently have a Facebook business page, the calculator is able to deliver figures on estimated potential leads and sales based on similar businesses. The tool walks users through each step of the analysis and the available advertising tools and features in Facebook so they come away with clear and actionable insights for their marketing strategy.

“What most people don’t realize is that their organic Facebook posts reach a very small number of people, and that reach has declined dramatically in recent years,” said Larry Kim, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of WordStream. “This calculator is a quick way to realize the immense value Facebook Advertising holds for a business, and I hope it encourages more marketers to find out what Facebook ads can do for them.”

According to WordStream data, Facebook ads generate 48 billion ad clicks per year, reaching an audience of over 1 billion daily users, while costing consistently less than Google AdWords. WordStream encourages marketers to use the free tool to learn about Facebook’s targeting and remarketing options, such as lookalike audiences to raise brand awareness and influence new customers, as well as identifying people who have engaged with the business in the past.

Try the Facebook Opportunity Calculator for free now.

About WordStream 

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