WordStream Review: How WordStream Provides Wild Results for an African Safari Travel Specialist

Established in 1998, South African travel agency Go2Africa has been helping people realize their dream of seeing the incredible beauty of the African continent firsthand for almost 20 years. When it came to using AdWords to find new business, however, Go2Africa needed a little help.

As search algorithms changed and relying solely upon strong organic rankings became restrictive, Go2Africa began to explore new opportunities to find new customers – namely paid search. However, despite having an experienced in-house team, the company struggled with its campaigns’ limited return on investment. Although Go2Africa’s early campaigns met some success, it was not the kind of results the company had hoped for.

WordStream review Go2Africa WordStream success report before

Go2Africa’s WordStream Success Report shortly after becoming
a WordStream Customer…

Like many of WordStream’s customers, Go2Africa soon found that using WordStream not only saved them valuable time, but allowed it to more easily focus their efforts on adjustments that yielded far greater returns.

The company’s primary objective was to bring through quality leads from its key target markets – the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. The company wanted to keep the campaigns and strategy quite tight and controlled, and learned to do so in an incremental way through the guidance of their Customer Success Specialist at WordStream.

Go2Africa was able to achieve great results within the first couple of weeks of running campaigns via WordStream's software. A combination of more tightly focused targeting and smarter keyword research made an immediate improvement to the performance of Go2Africa’s campaigns, and also shaped the company’s approach to future campaigns – namely, how the company’s marketing managers interact with their sales teams to identify pain points in campaigns that can be optimized for greater returns.

 WordStream review Go2Africa WordStream success report after

… and Go2Africa’s WordStream Success Report after using WordStream,
highlighting the considerable improvements that have been made across several
key metrics

This renewed emphasis on communication also allowed Go2Africa to leverage the subject matter expertise of its sales team even further, resulting in stronger ad copy that really resonated with prospective customers.

The fact that they focused on a couple of strategic areas and rolled out well thought-out campaigns made this possible. Doing everything in-house also gave Go2Africa an extra advantage. The company’s marketing team knew the unique selling points of their product and service, and we were able to easily communicate that in their ad copy.

As it true of many WordStream customers, the team at Go2Africa found that the single most valuable resource WordStream offered was time. By simplifying and streamlining its PPC workflow with WordStream, Go2Africa was able to use its time more effectively, get more accomplished, and take better care of its customers.

WordStream review Go2Africa infographic

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