WordStream Review: How WordStream Helps Koru K9 Dog Training Teach Old Dogs New Tricks

Although the similarities may not be immediately obvious, there’s a great deal of overlap between running an AdWords account and training a stubborn or badly behaved dog. This was a lesson the team at Koru K9 Dog Training and Rehabilitation in San Francisco, California, discovered shortly after getting started with PPC to promote their business.

The proprietors of Koru K9 Dog Training’s passion for rehabilitating dogs began with a dog named Luna, a puppy who dumped at a rescue organization with her littermates soon after birth. All of the puppies had parvo and were extremely malnourished. Due to the parvovirus, the rescue organization quarantined the puppies until they had a clean bill of health. That quarantine happened during a critical development period for puppies. Luna had essentially lived in a bubble during a time when she should have been out exploring and learning about all the things that we see on a day-to-day basis. Because of this, she was a fearful mess when Koru K9 rescued her. However, over time, Luna came to trust Koru K9’s canine behavioral specialists, and soon became a loyal, loving dog.

After successfully rehabilitating Luna, it was clear to Koru K9 that dealing with difficult dogs and cases that other dog trainers would refuse was not only possible, but a unique selling point for their business. Soon after launching their training center, they turned to AdWords to help them find their first clients.

Like Luna’s gradual rehabilitation, it was far from an easy journey.

WordStream review Koru K9 Dog Training WordStream success report

After launching Koru K9, the team turned to AdWords to find new customers. They experienced some success initially, but when they wanted to increase leads, they opted to merely increase their advertising spend, a common mistake among newcomers to paid search. Koru K9 was spending upwards of $2,000 per month with no marked improvement in the volume or quality of leads. Desperate to find a way to maintain or increase the number of leads generated through their ad campaigns, find a way to optimize their ads, and reduce their overall budget, Koru K9 turned to WordStream.

One aspect of WordStream that Koru K9 found invaluable to its success in AdWords was the company’s relationship with its Customer Success representative. Just as it is crucial for Koru K9 to understand both the dogs in their care and their owners, WordStream’s software is just one half of the solution.

Working with WordStream, Koru K9 has been able to virtually eliminate wasted spend, increase CTRs, and significantly increase conversion rates. The company’s closing ratio has also gone from 45-50% to 55-60%.  Sometimes, though, the real success of their campaigns is not only evident in Koru K9’s reporting dashboard, but also in the lives of the dogs and owners whom the company’s trainers have helped – and conversions shouldn’t always be thought of as numbers in a spreadsheet.

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