WordStream Review: How WordStream Helps A Small Team Deliver Big Results

The average consumer in the U.S. spends approximately 60 hours per week consuming content across numerous devices, according to Nielsen. In addition, Americans own four digital devices on average, highlighting the necessity of a multi-channel, cross-platform marketing strategy. However, for many small-business owners, planning and launching a digital marketing campaign that aligns with their business goals and meets the needs of modern consumers can be a significant challenge.

Marketeering Group was founded in 2011 to help business owners with this online marketing dilemma. From mom-and-pop neighborhood pizza parlors to large corporate enterprises, Marketeering Group serves clients of all different sizes, helping them manage their digital marketing campaigns from start to finish, with hands-on guidance and expertise encompassing everything from social media strategy to multimedia production.

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The Seattle-based marketing agency steered clear of paid search advertising due to a lack of time, knowledge, and resources – until it became apparent that this was no longer feasible. Marketeering Group’s clients kept asking them for help with PPC, and the agency was forced to turn down business when it couldn’t provide the services their clients demanded. Marketeering Group prides itself on its reputation as a one-stop shop, so it was clear that it had to address this shortcoming with a time-efficient, cost-effective solution.

Marketeering Group does everything in-house, which can make for a fast-paced, constantly changing work environment. However, this also means it can serve almost any need a small business may have under the same contract with its existing resources. This is crucial to their branding and a major reason why Marketeering Group needed a simple and effective model like WordStream to launch their new PPC department.

The Marketeering Group team weren’t sure what to do about PPC before they signed up with WordStream. Launching a well-structured, highly targeted PPC campaign was out of the question due to time and resource limitations, and the agency’s initial attempts to leverage the power of paid search had failed. PPC just took too much time, and the agency struggled with a lack of relevant expertise, such as how to set up an effective landing page. Prior to joining WordStream, Marketeering Group considered outsourcing their client’s paid search campaigns to external firms, a move that would have broken their in-house approach to client management. WordStream changed all that. WordStream gave Marketeering Group the ability to manage what has since become hundreds of PPC accounts with only a handful of account managers.

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From time-saving tools such as the 20-Minute Work Week to easy-to-create reports and PPC landing pages, WordStream’s software made it possible for Marketeering Group to stay competitive and keep their clients happy by offering paid search as another channel to grow, all the while retaining the personal, hands-on approach that the agency prides itself upon.

Improvements in client Quality Scores helped cut costs by 20% per month for several clients. At least four separate clients came to the Marketeering Group asking if they could cut their PPC budget because it was becoming too much of a financial burden. Using WordStream, Marketeering Group cut one client’s PPC budget in half while click-through-rates (CTR) increased by 15%.

Every agency understands the value of reporting results to clients at a moment’s notice. Unfortunately for Marketeering Group, the process of gathering client data into neat, easy-to-understand, and visually intuitive reports was prohibitively time-consuming prior to becoming WordStream customers. WordStream’s Success Report took the headache out of reporting with its visually engaging, automatically generated monthly report that Marketeering Group could show its clients where they are succeeding, and where there’s room for improvement.

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WordStream has helped thousands of businesses and agencies like Marketeering Group bring their PPC management in-house and provide strong ROI for their customers and clients.

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