WordStream Review: How WordStream Teaches Healthy PPC Habits to This Healthcare Company

Residential Home Health is leading provider of in-home nursing and therapy care for seniors in Michigan and Illinois. Residential Home Health helps patients live better, recover faster, experience a higher quality of life, and remain independent at home.

After hearing WordStream Founder and CTO Larry Kim speak at HubSpot’s INBOUND conference in 2014, managers at Residential Home Health were inspired to use WordStream to incorporate paid search into their digital marketing campaigns as a significant part of their overall lead generation strategy.

When Residential Home Health came on-board with WordStream, its account structure was in disarray. Fortunately for the company, Residential Home Health’s PPC account managers were able to work closely with their WordStream Customer Success Specialist to get things back on track by identifying areas in which immediate improvements could be made, as well as longer-term goals that should be prioritized to facilitate further growth in the future.

WordStream review optimal AdWords account structure

The optimal way to structure an AdWords account

The time-savings and optimization help that WordStream Advisor has provided Residential Home Health is one of the main reasons the company feels that investing in WordStream was a smart business decision.

Residential Home Health realized the initial time-savings quickly as it worked through the unique recommendations provided by WordStream's 20-Minute Work Week. The company’s PPC managers quickly appreciated the streamlined, simplified workflow offered by WordStream compared to working directly within AdWords or Bing, an advantage that can be a major competitive advantage for individuals and businesses just getting started with paid search.

The insight Residential Home Health gained from using WordStream exceeded expectations and allowed the company’s PPC managers to quickly act upon recommendations to improve the performance of their campaigns. Leads and subsequent conversions have spiked dramatically in recent months as the company launched its PPC campaigns through WordStream. Residential Home Health was able to attribute a significant amount of its growth to PPC activity, and the company is on track to more than double a year’s volume of online lead generation in the next six months alone.

When it comes to PPC, the value of expert guidance should never be underestimated, especially when that guidance comes from WordStream’s knowledgeable, skilled PPC professionals. Every WordStream client is paired with a dedicated Customer Success Specialist to provide this invaluable guidance. Residential Home Health felt that its Customer Success Specialist brought a wealth of knowledge, experience, and insight to each of its consulting sessions, and has been instrumental in coaching up its understanding of paid search data over time.

Since becoming a WordStream customer, Residential Home Health’s PPC campaigns have delivered the kind of results the company once thought unattainable. By following WordStream’s recommendations, Residential Home Health’s average cost-per-acquisition has fallen by approximately 50%, from $718.47 to $315.37, during a one-month period soon after becoming a WordStream customer. The company is seeing more converted clicks at a lower cost, helping Residential Home Health maximize the impact of its campaigns while reducing costs.

WordStream review Residential Home Health infographic

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