Is it Time to Say No to SEO?

WordStream Presents: Is it Time to Say No to SEO?

Back in the dot com era, search engine optimization (SEO) was the surefire way to drive cheap and easy traffic to your website. You didn't have to be a genius computer programmer or million-dollar budget to make it work.

But times have changed and SEO has become more complicated than ever. In our free webinar, Is it Time to Say No to SEO?, WordStream founder Larry Kim demonstrates:

  • Why SEO will become harder and harder for small businesses to grasp and effectively implement
  • How Google Search's Panda/Penguin updates have made previous SEO best practices defunct (i.e. article directory submissions)
  • What are the best alternatives to organic search marketing
  • Why PPC is no longer an optional marketing tactic

Participants of our webinar recieved insights as to why it's so hard to be successful at SEO, and next steps to take when SEO isn't working.

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