Suggested Negative Keywords Tutorial

The Negative Keywords tool combines WordStream's powerful algorithms with our trillion-keyword database and your own visitor data (from your AdWords Search Query Report) to suggest the highest impact negative keywords that you can add to your selected ad group or campaign. If you want to restrict WordStream's suggestions to keywords that came from your Google Search Query Report simply check the box located above the data grid.

In addition to the negative keyword contender, WordStream will provides you with relevant historical data from your AdWords account to help you determine if a keyword is a good fit for your ad group. Data includes:

  • Example Search Queries
  • Total Impressions
  • Total Clicks
  • Total Cost
  • Total Conversions

Note that the data is aggregated from any search queries associated with your ad group that contain the negative keyword contender. To see all of the search queries associated with a negative keyword contender click on the "More" button in the example search query cell. If you see a keyword that's close, but not exactly what you want you can click on the keyword to edit it.

Once you determine which negative keyword contenders you would like to set as negative keywords simply check the “Set as Negative” checkbox. You can also edit the match type and the ad group/campaign that the negative keyword is being applied to by clicking on the cell you would like to edit.

If a negative keyword contender is relevant to your business and you would not like it suggested as a negative in the future, check the "Reject as Negative" checkbox.

To finish, click the "Apply" button to add the negative keywords to your AdWords account.

Depending on which negative keywords you select, WordStream may also suggest some additional negative keywords that are related to the keywords you just selected. You can use these related negatives to further refine your campaign and avoid unwanted clicks.

If you would prefer that WordStream not suggest related negative keyword suggestions, you can check the box at the bottom of the window. If you change your mind you can re-enable related negative keyword suggestions on the AdWords Settings page.