New - WordStream Advisor HTML Dashboard


WordStream Advisor HTML Dashboard

WordStream is thrilled to unveil our latest innovation, a new and improved dashboard interface!  Yes folks, our dashboard has finally made the transition from flash to HTML and we gave the platform a much needed facelift along the way.  Not only is the new design sleeker and more intuitive, it is also speedier than the old version.  Talk about snappy—you’ll fly through your 20 Minute Work Week this week!

The benefits don’t stop there.  We made a few more tweaks to further improve your experience, including:

·         Incomplete Alerts Remain Available: As busy marketers, we know your days are riddled with distractions.  Now, if you don’t have time to act on every recommendation listed in a given alert, you can apply the changes you have made and we’ll save the rest for you.  Next time you log in, they’ll be there waiting for you to act upon them.


·         Improved BingAds Integration: We’ve streamlined the process to make it even simpler for those of you using both BingAds and AdWords accounts.  With the new dashboard, you’ll find your Bing suggestions in-line with your AdWords suggestions so you can act on both simultaneously.  This eliminates one step of the process, making your 20 Minute Work Week routine even more efficient!



·         Optimize Ads Alert Revamp: We’ve updated the presentation of the Text Ad and Mobile Ad Alerts to help you understand exactly why it is time to update your ads.  With the new design, we highlight the metrics that matter and use our Best Practices check to point out some areas of improvement.


The new dashboard vision isn’t complete just yet.  We’ve got all sorts of exciting new bells and whistles in the works, and we’d love to hear what’s on your “wish list” too!  Don’t hesitate to email to share your feedback on the new look pass along your ideas for future enhancements!

Still warming up to the new ‘do?  Don’t worry, we know it can be tough to adapt to big changes like this.  If you’d prefer to stick with the old interface for the time being, click on the “View Classic 20MWW” button, located in the header, to return to the original dashboard. We’ll give you a few months to get comfy with the new design before we officially transition all profiles to the new and improved version.