Paid Search Marketing

Google Ads automated bidding strategies
September 21st, 2021

Over the past year or two, Google Ads has been steadily making changes to its platform that are steering advertisers to use its automated features—which advertisers have mixed feelings about.

One of those features is automated bidding. Automated bidding has improved over the years, but it doesn’t make this part of Google Ads any less overwhelming. There are many different types, each...

google ads custom audience creation using competitor URLs
September 20th, 2021

Using keywords to target other brand names, products, or services is one of the easiest ways to go after competitors in Google Ads. But targeting competitor keywords can get expensive. The good news is, there are more options we have than just the Search Network.

While Search will always have the deepest intent, there are some pretty specific targeting options we can use for other...

google ads search terms report update 2021
September 16th, 2021

Maybe I nerd out over PPC too much, but I think looking through the search terms report is the most entertaining activity. When else do you have the opportunity to get inside the heads of your audience and see what they’re typing into Google?

Last year, Google took away some of the fun with limitations they placed on the data. I was among many advertisers bummed out about it. But...

google floc- illustration of browser fingerprinting
September 8th, 2021

With a focus on a more private browsing experience, Google has announced that it will deprecate third-party cookies. Not long after, it announced the concept of Federated Learning of Cohorts, or FLoC, to create solutions and alternatives for advertisers while maintaining privacy for users. The concept of FLoC isn't easy to grasp, and it has raised a lot of questions and concerns....

RIP expanded text ads
September 2nd, 2021

Back in March when Google replaced expanded text ads (ETAs) with responsive search ads (RSAs) as the default ad type for Search campaigns, we all had a feeling that ETAs might be on their way out.

And sure enough, on August 31, Google announced that it is sunsetting ETAs as of June 30, 2022.

Reactions to this announcement are mixed. While no one is excited about the change,...

google shopping priority bidding structure - full version
August 25th, 2021

​​Congratulations! You’ve gotten through the tough part of Google Shopping: getting your account and your shopping feed running. But are you getting the most out of your campaigns?

Today, we're going to show you a Google Shopping campaign structure that will help you to get the highest return on your ad spend. It’s called the priority bidding structure.

It’s a bit involved...

diagram showing difference between cross-channel and multi-channel marketing
August 24th, 2021

The phrase “cross-channel advertising” can sound intimidating to some folks, but the concept is actually quite simple. While multi-channel marketing uses multiple channels (paid search, organic search, and social media, for example) to reach your audience, cross-channel uses those multiple channels to provide more of a connected experience for your audience. So even as they cross back and...

average cost per click chart for facebook, google, instagram in 2021
August 17th, 2021

With the whirlwind of changes to the marketing ecosystem this past year, many of us have had to revisit what’s realistic in terms of our advertising ROI. And while there are many PPC metrics that impact ROI, today I want to zoom in on cost per click (CPC).

So, using the most most recent data available, I’m going to help you to:

  • Find out average cost...
cost analysis tab showing cost data in google analytics
August 11th, 2021

Several times, I have had clients ask how they can see cost information for non-Google channels in Google Analytics. They do not want to go into each paid media channel to review the data. And even if I create a Google Data Studio dashboard compiling all of the data, certain clients are just used to Google Analytics. So what do I do?

I import the cost data into Google Analytics via...

customer acquisition cost vs cost per acquisition formulas
August 9th, 2021

It is quite clear, regardless of network, that the digital space has become a competitive one for businesses. Every company on the internet is vying for the attention of the same users (in one way or another), making effective marketing to your target customer more and more difficult. On top of that, average costs of pay per click ads are increasing.

It’s important to make sure your...

google ads three strikes policy
July 28th, 2021

It feels like just yesterday we were discussing issues like how to dispute Google Ad disapprovals or the new restrictions for Housing, Employment, and Credit policies.

And on July 20, 2021, we learned that come September, there’s going to be yet another twist in the plot of advertiser versus Google Ads policies, with Google’s new three-strike ad policy system....

google ads logo and image extension mockup
July 21st, 2021

Image extensions are one of the most recent types of ad extensions we can use on the Google Ads platform. Unlike most other ad extensions, these don’t rely solely on text to expand your coverage on the SERPs. With Image Extensions, you can use a number of images to accompany your ads to give them a visual component and make them more appealing.

Whether you’re familiar with them or...

thumbs up thumbs down google ads quality score
July 19th, 2021

Now, before you start frantically searching for a Google announcement that they removed this metric, you can breathe out a sigh of relief because Quality Score still exists within accounts.

But is it still relevant?

Quality Score has always been considered one of the most elusive performance metrics in Google Ads. And with all the changes to more automation from Google, we...