Top Support Questions

Q: Where does WordStream get the Free Keyword Tool search data?

A: WordStream purchases volumes of keyword search data through industry partnerships with:
  •  Internet Service Providers
  •  Browser Toolbars
  •  Search Engines
We then apply sophisticated statistical models to aggregate the different keyword data sets, applying different weightings so the keyword suggestions aren't overly biased toward one particular source, and apply powerful semantic algorithms to compute related terms.

Q: How do I add a new/additional user to my WordStream Advisor account?

A: To add a new user to your WordStream account, login, then go to Settings >> Account Settings>> Add New User. Once you click the Add New User button (see screenshot below), you’ll be prompted to enter their email address. Once you’ve provided their e-mail address the new user will get an email prompting them to set up a password. Once they select a password they will have access to your WordStream account.

Q: What are WordStream’s foreign language capabilities?

A: For keyword databasing, and manual grouping and negatives filtering, WordStream supports all languages.
  • Keywords with international characters are covered and can be stored in a WS database and will be correctly published to Ad Groups.
  • We support the full range of Unicode Text covering languages like Hebrew, Chinese, Arabic, and those with accent marks, etc.
  • Our automated grouping and negative suggestion algorithms will work sub-optimally with non-English languages. This is because the algorithm is currently locked into the English language.
  • In these situations users will have to manually configure keyword groups and negatives. (They can set up the rules in Group Properties.)
  • Our keyword suggestion tool uses data from our U.S.-based database. Keep this in mind when talking to English-speaking users in other countries; the relative frequency may seem off to them and this is why.
  • This also applies to tools that use our keyword suggestion tool data (Free Keyword Tool, Free Keyword Niche Finder, Spy on Competitor Keywords).

Q: How can I edit my AdWords accounts in WordStream?

A: You can edit your account information under the Settings Tab once you login into your WordStream account at In Settings, select AdWords Settings. You will then see your AdWords accounts listed. You can delete one by selecting the “x” next to the account name. You can add an existing account by selecting the large button that says “Add New Account”.

Q: How do I cancel my WordStream for SEO Account?

A: Log in to your WordStream account at You will see the "My account information" section on the homepage. There you will see a "cancel subscription" option. To cancel your account simply click on that "cancel subscription" link.

Q: Will I be charged once I cancel my WordStream for SEO account?

A: If you cancel your WordStream for SEO free trial account before your free trial period ends, your credit card will not be charged. However, once your account changes from a free trial to a paid account, a 14-day cancellation notice is required so that we can process the cancellation in our accounting system. If you cancel within the required 14-day notice period your card will not be changed for an additional month of software access.


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