Website Hit Statistics

One keyword can result in numerous visits to your website, and generally, the more it generates, the more important the keyword is to your overall business.  Your time is best spent optimizing the keywords that result in the most website traffic.  However, some keywords used less often, known as your long tail keywords, have a better conversion rate, so you shouldn't direct all your time to only those that are most popular.

my google adwords account says i had 237 hits for "apple picking" this month.  why am i only seeing 31 keywords?

Simply put, website hits and keywords measure two different things.  Especially with the time and effort you put into optimizing and managing your PPC campaign, it can be easy to forget that not every website visit is a direct result of a search.  Website hits is the number of visits to your site during a certain time period, which can come from a variety of ways, such as through links in an article, personal bookmarks, etc.

Keywords, on the other hand, are keywords that users searched to find your website.  Some keywords, in fact, the best kind, can result in multiple hits to your website.  Track visits they generate to help evaluate bid amounts and SEO optimization.

which one is more important?

Keywords and visits work together to rank keyword popularity and importance so you're always working on the most critical parts of your campaign.  Simply put, you don't want to neglect keywords that bring the most traffic to your site.  Use WordStream's Workflow tab and segment suggestions to sort by popularity, a weighted average of number of visits and number of keywords.

WordStream indicates which keywords are most relevant

While it's important to pay attention to keywords that result in high traffic, one of the best functionalities of WordStream is your ability to analyze the Long Tail of search.  Be sure to set appropriate negative keyword rules so your long tail stays relevant.  Include these long tail keywords in your PPC campaigns and incorporate them into your website to assist your organic search results.

While it's important to make the most of your most popular keywords, don't forget to incorporate the long tail.

Keywords and visits summarized

Essentially, one doesn't say much without the other.  Keywords are most important if they result in visits, and hits are most important if you can track their source--a keyword has no value if it doesn't generate a visit and you can't learn much from a hit if you don't know how that person got there.  WordStream tracks both keywords and visits and ranks their relationships so you can identify the keywords that generate the most hits.  Also, WordStream allows you to get a step ahead of your competitors by maintaining long tail keywords that are specific to your website only.  Sign up for a Free Webinar to learn more.