Website Visits Tracker

Tracking website visits is a good way to measure site popularity, conversion rates and keyword performance.  You may find yourself having a hard time lining up visits and search visits, but this doesn't necessarily mean that either one is wrong.  Remember, not all website visits are a direct result of Search Engine Marketing.

we've had over 2,000 visits to the site this month, but wordstream only shows 233 visits.  why is that?

It's important to note the difference between a visit and a search visit.  A visit is simply someone who lands on your site, which could be a result of various means, such as a bookmark on a personal computer, links sent from a friend, search engine optimization efforts, etc.  A search visit, on the other hand, is when someone clicks on your listing after performing a relevant search.  WordStream and Google Analytics track only this latter number.

Track visit count by keyword within the keywords tab.

WordStream removes all unnecessary formatting in the keyword counter so your visit numbers per keyword are more accurate.  The below examples, counted as 7 different keywords in Google Analytics and other similar tools, is counted simply as one (haircut) within WordStream.

  • movies
  • movies.
  • movies,
  • "movies"
  • movies?
  •   movies (note the leading spaces)

The advanced search option, as shown in the image below, allows you to search by keyword or phrase (query), visitors generated over a specific time period, number of terms within the keyword or phrase, and minimum visits historically. 

What if i'm a new customer?

Another reason your visit totals aren't matching up could be because your data is simply too new.  Be sure you're viewing the appropriate time in the "View By" field.  Also, edit the number of terms and minimum visits required to ensure you're seeing the data you're most interested in. 

Change parameters to sort keywords and visits

Use the advanced search option to find longer, more specific phrases for your exact match and search engine optimization efforts. 

i uploaded my keywords manually-does that matter?

Yes, it does.  One of the reasons we suggest adding keywords by WordStream's Keyword Discovery Tool is so you keep all your data.  When you import keywords manually or through a third party, dates do not carry over.  However, your keywords and visit counts remain intact.

If you have already uploaded keywords, visit our keyword tutorial to learn next steps.

wordstream as a website visits tracker

When tracking search visits, WordStream returns the most accurate data available.  By stripping keywords of unnecessary formatting and spaces, you're able to identify keyword importance regardless of punctuation surrounding it.  Also, we provide an advanced search option that assists with your long tail research and search engine optimization efforts.  Register for our Free Webinar to learn more about how WordStream can help your business.