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WordStream Advisor

Online Advertising Software

  • 20-Minute Work Week and customized alerts
  • Easy Tracking (conversions, calls, sources)
  • Cross-platform reporting and dashboard
  • Landing page builder and pop-up creator
  • QueryStream and Keyword Research Tool
  • 24/7 chat and email support
  • Easy-to-use ad creative tools
    with Shutterstock images
  • Self-guided video onboarding and access to
    WordStream HQ Knowledge Center

Essential tools to make cross-platform advertising easy.

You know that online advertising is essential to growing your business, but as a busy marketer, you’ve got no time—or budget—to waste. Cut the guesswork and get more time back in your day with WordStream Advisor! Our cross-platform workflow wizard empowers you to make progress toward your goals on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Microsoft Ads in as little as 20 minutes per week, all in one simple interface. Plus, keyword research tools, dynamic ad creative solutions and cross-platform reporting make planning, executing, and iterating on revenue-driving ad campaigns easier than ever.

Essential tools to make cross-platform advertising easy.

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  • 44%
    Average Increase in CTR (Click-Through Rate)
  • $19215412404
    Total Ad Spend Analyzed
  • 30%
    Average Increase in Conversions

Software Add-ons

Upgrades to keep in mind for when you're ready.

Conversion Toolkit

Conversion Toolkit

Upgrades start at $20/month

Driving website traffic with online advertising is only half the battle. Our Conversion Toolkit is designed to help you convert those leads using pop-ups, email capture forms, and landing pages to fill your funnel and grow your business. Any available WordStream Advisor subscription comes pre-loaded with three mobile-friendly, designer-quality templates, plus integrations with leading CRM platforms; upgrade to access additional templates and functionality from right within the software.

  • 40+ pre-built landing page and pop-up themes
  • A/B testing functionality
  • Behavioral and audience targeting
Call Tracking

Call Tracking

Upgrades start at $25/month

Did you know that 43% of all search-related conversions happen over the phone? And that 65% of businesses consider phone calls their most valuable, highest quality source of leads? By tracking calls to your business phone number back to the ads that triggered them, WordStream’s Call Tracking can help you make smart decisions about your advertising budget and your sales strategy. Upgrade as needed when your call volume grows by connecting with one of our consultants.

  • Conversion tracking
  • Call tracking
  • Website visitor remarketing