WordStream Keyword Research Suite

WordStream's Keyword Research Suite is a collection of smart, actionable tools for SEO and PPC keyword research. WordStream goes beyond traditional keyword tools, giving you access to an industry-leading, U.S.-based keyword database, with over 1 trillion unique search queries, and proprietary grouping features to save you time and increase your competitive edge.


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  • Save time on keyword research with our smart tools
  • Discover profitable new keyword niches to attract more traffic and leads
  • Automatically sort keywords into relevant, actionable groups
  • Leverage our database of over 1 trillion unique search queries

What’s Included

  • Keyword Suggestion Tool
  • Keyword Niche Finder
  • Keyword Grouper
  • Exclusive Long-Tail Keywords
  • Content Creation Tools


WordStream's Keyword Research Suite makes it easy for SEO copywriters, bloggers and DIY folks to find hidden long-tail keyphrase gems and create top-positioned content. I highly recommend it!

Heather Lloyd-Martin, Success Works

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Almost every aspect of search engine marketing relates back to keywords. Whether you're focusing your efforts on organic search engine optimization (SEO) or pay-per-click marketing (PPC), your success will depend on your ability to find the right keywords and then use those keywords in a meaningful way on your site. So how do you find those keywords? How do you make sure they're relevant, targeted, and better than the competition?

WordStream's Keyword Research Suite is the most extensive, comprehensive, and powerful set of tools for keyword discovery and organization available. By using the Keyword Research Suite, you get access to an industry-leading database of more than 1 trillion unique search queries, so you're armed with better data and more of it.

Why Use the Keyword Research Suite?

Compared to typical free tools, WordStream's Keyword Research Suite offers:

  • Deeper access to our trillion-keyword, U.S.-based database
  • Smart, easy-to-use tools that deliver structured, actionable data
  • The competitive advantage of exclusive data available only to customers
  • Unlimited use -- get keywords whenever you need them

The Keyword Research Suite empowers marketers to find and organize keywords quickly and easily, every day. All your various keyword research can be done in one place and exported for use in SEO campaigns (search-friendly web pages and blog posts, meta data, information architecture, videos), PPC campaigns (text ads and landing pages), social media campaigns, marketing collateral such as newsletters and white papers, and anything else you can think of! Wherever you are online, speaking the same language as your potential customers helps them find you.

All the Tools You Need to Discover Keywords for SEO and PPC

The standard edition of the Keyword Research Suite includes:

  • Keyword Suggestion Tool: Leverage our huge database to find large numbers of keywords fast
  • Keyword Niche Finder: Find profitable new niches and clusters of related keywords to target
  • Keyword Grouper: Quickly turn a disorganized list into a manageable, actionable structure

Keyword Suggestion Tool

By upgrading to the Extreme Long-Tail Keyword Edition, you'll get the added benefits of:

  • Exclusive access to our long-tail keyword database
  • 25% more keywords
  • More specific keywords that show more user intent

The Extreme Long-Tail Edition is especially helpful for advertisers in highly competitive industries or very specific market niches, such as affiliate marketers.

The SEO Upgrade of the Keyword Research Suite gives you access to our Firefox plug-in for SEO content creation, which helps marketers find new topics to write about and ensure that your blog posts and other content are properly keyword-optimized.

The PPC Upgrade gives you access to our intelligent Negative Keyword Tool, which helps you proactively find keywords that you don't want to bid on in your PPC campaigns, so you can prevent your ads from matching against those keywords before they cost you money and hurt your Quality Score.

Ready to try out the Keyword Research Suite? Take it for a test drive!

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