WordStream Empowers Search Marketers with New Keyword Research Suite

BOSTON, MA – April 18, 2011 – WordStream Inc., a provider of search marketing software, today announced the release of its new Keyword Research Suite, a comprehensive suite of tools designed to help marketers find and organize large numbers of targeted keywords for use in paid and organic search campaigns.

The Keyword Research Suite builds on the capabilities of WordStream's best-in-class free keyword tools, giving marketers even more valuable data and competitive edge. The standard edition of the Keyword Research Suite includes a Keyword Suggestion Tool, Keyword Niche Finder and Keyword Grouper, which leverage WordStream's trillion-keyword database and intelligent grouping algorithms to help users find profitable new niches and opportunities to rank. The Extreme Long-Tail edition provides extended access to WordStream's keyword database, offering 25% more long-tail keywords, valuable for affiliate marketers or those in highly competitive industries. 

Upgrade options include a proactive, money-saving Negative Keyword Tool or SEO Content Creation Plug-In, as well as an exclusive monthly newsletter with helpful tips and strategies from industry experts in search engine optimization and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Key benefits of the Keyword Research Suite include:

  • Smart, fast, easy-to-use tools for keyword discovery and organization
  • Deeper access to WordStream's industry-leading trillion-keyword database
  • The competitive advantage of exclusive keyword data available only to customers
  • More relevant, actionable data than similar offerings
  • Full export capabilities, allowing results to be leveraged for landing pages, Google AdWords and other uses

"Everyone's looking for ways to save time and money without losing ground to competitors," said Ralph Folz, CEO of WordStream. "The Keyword Research Suite gives marketers exclusive access to a keyword database of unprecedented depth and breadth, and the easy-to-use toolset makes quick work of developing new keyword lists for more targeted and effective search campaigns."

About WordStream

Recently named an “OnDemand Top 100 Winner for SaaS” by AlwaysOn, WordStream provides Internet marketing software and PPC services that helps search marketers get better results from their PPC and SEO efforts. The company’s easy-to-use software facilitates more effective paid and organic search campaigns by increasing relevance and Quality Scores in Google AdWords, automating proven best practices, and delivering expert-level results in a fraction of the time. Whether you're new to search marketing or are experienced at PPC management, WordStream's simple tools for better keyword research and organization, AdWords management, and Quality Score optimization can help grow your business and drive better results.