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WordStream Blog Community Guidelines

Hello and welcome to the WordStream community! We could not be more pleased that you’ve decided to drop by. WordStream welcomes business owners, agency superstars, curious interns, and digital marketers of every shape, size, and stature.

We consider ourselves a hospitable and inclusive bunch, and we encourage our community members, partners, and new visitors to communicate, share ideas, and even debate strategies. With that said, our most important value is that we all treat each other with respect.

Here are four simple guidelines we ask you to abide by when participating in our community conversations.

1. Treat others kindly

At the risk of sounding repetitive, kindness is critical when participating in community conversations. While WordStream is a casual and open space, we do expect you to treat others the way you would like and expect to be treated.

We ask that you avoid inflammatory language and personal attacks, and while friendly debate is encouraged, know that overly heated discussions and in particular defamatory or offensive language will be moderated.

2. Keep conversations relevant

We understand there are a lot of exciting things going on in this word outside of online advertising and marketing, but at WordStream we try to keep things relevant. Our goal is to keep conversations focused on the areas that our customers come to us for. This includes all things marketing! We ask that you respect this and find another time to tell us about your crazy Uncle Bob (because we’d still love to hear that story in another setting!).

3. Be respectful of others’ privacy

While you might consider yourself a very open and transparent person, it’s important to respect others who may prefer to keep things private. We ask that you don’t share anything about your business, colleagues, friends, or even yourself that should not be made public. Tread on the side of caution when revealing information about yourself and others, and when in doubt keep it to yourself.

4. Use discretion when posting promotional content

Last, but not least, when joining a conversation here, avoid overly self-promotional content or links. Whether you’re promoting yourself, your company, a product or service, we just ask that you look at this community first and foremost as a place to share knowledge and insights, not a place to make a sale, especially when your business offerings are irrelevant to the conversations occurring within our community (see guideline #2!). While we do support promotional content that is valuable for the WordStream community, we will remove any content that is not relevant at our discretion.

If you do notice inappropriate or offensive content within our community, we encourage you to report it. Our mission is to ensure our community is a place where people are able to learn from each other in a friendly and supportive environment.

We thank you for contributing, and hope you grow your knowledge and network within the WordStream community!

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