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Google+ Local Mobile App

Google+ Local for Mobile makes it easy for users to discover nearby cafes, restaurants, and shops in their area. The Google+ Local mobile app shows you nearby spots that are highly rated by Google’s Zagat rating system. In addition to reading Zagat Google local reviews, users can share their own experiences by offering their own review and photos.

Google Local Search

What is Google+ Local?

The Google+ Local mobile app from Google isn’t really all that different from the Yelp app or other location-focused apps, but it does have the additional ability of showing nearby locations recommended by friends in your Circles. If Google+ was used more often, it’d be great to see the Google local places, restaurants and burger joints your own, trusted friends recommend. If your fry-fanatic friend Steve says Curlies has the best fries in Chicago, you know you have to try them because he’s a trusted source of fry-related information. This would be more useful if people actually used Google+; at the moment there isn’t a huge amount of activity, but who knows? Maybe that will change in the future.

Google Local Business Listing

If advertisers want to show up in the mobile app’s Google+ local search directory, it’s essential to fill out a Google Places profile. Google+ Local also allows for sponsored Google local search results through AdWords, which increases your chances of being found through the Google+ Local search. Learn more about local business marketing here, and more about Google’s new Local Search Ads here.

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