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Measure Marketing Performance With the Google Ads Grader

Many small businesses struggle with measuring marketing performance. How do you know what you are doing right? What are you doing wrong? Analyzing these issues often requires time and resources that most small businesses simply can’t spare.

Luckily you don’t have to be left in the dark – there are some great (free!) tools on the web that can help you measure your marketing performance and better understand how you can be successful in marketing endeavors.

Marketing Performance Evaluation Tool: The Google Ads Grader

One popular and immensely useful tool is the Google Ads Grader Plus! The Google Ads Grader gives users an instant report detailing their Google Ads marketing performance. The report highlights eight key areas of vital marketing performance indicators, including:

  • Quality Score
  • Usage of negative keywords
  • Impression share
  • Click-through rate
  • Long-tail keyword optimization
  • Account activity
  • Ad text optimization
  • Landing page optimization

These are areas that small businesses regularly struggle with, and the Google Ads Grader seeks to illuminate these issues for troubled marketers. The Google Ads Grader even includes personalized actionable tips you can take immediately to improve your marketing performance – all for free!

Recently, the Google Ads Grader has been updated with even more awesome features for added marketing performance mastery. As John Lee at Clix put it in his review, “The improved vertical benchmark data and the ability to track performance (Quality Score!) over time alone make the grader worth your time.” New features include:

Marketing Performance Tracker: This new feature tracks and analyzes your PPC account every 30 days, providing advertisers with insight on how their marketing performance is trending over time.


Free Google AdWords Analytics Tool

Mobile PPC Readiness Score: The Mobile PPC Readiness Score assess how well an advertisers’ account is optimized for mobile PPC. With mobile PPC growing as a dominating force of online advertising, it’s essential to know where you stand.

New & Improved Benchmarks: WordStream has revisited its competitive benchmarks for marketing performance, so the featured marketing performance indicators are better than ever!

Marketing performance mysteries be gone! The Google Ads Grader has your back. Try it free today.

How to Improve Your Marketing Performance: Common Errors

WordStream has done a ton of research on the success and struggles of small businesses with PPC. We’ve discovered that many failing accounts are making the same mistakes. Major errors include:

  • Inconsistency: Only 1% of small business advertisers log in and do work in their Google Ads accounts every week. Research shows that account activity plays a major factor in determining PPC marketing performance. Your account needs loving attention!
  • Wasteful Spending: 20% of small businesses aren’t using any negative keywords. Negative keywords are key in cutting down costs and preventing wasted costly clicks.
  • Improper Account Setup: More than 50% of small businesses aren’t tracking conversions, which makes it impossible for them to see how keywords and marketing performance lead to sales.

Marketing Performance Magic With the Google Ads Grader

WordStream’s Google Ads Grader has graded over $3 billion in total Google Ads spend, and we’ve used that data to improve the Grader and gain further insight on top marketing performance objectives, and how to help advertisers achieve their performance goals. The Google Ads Grader is, as always:

  • Completely free
  • Completely secure
  • Super-fast

The kind of marketing performance analysis performed by the Google Ads Grader could normally cost hundreds of dollars, but we provide this customized report to help businesses better understand the benefits of Google Ads absolutely free. What have you got to lose? Get started with the Google Ads Grader now!

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