AdWords Management: The Keys to a Successful AdWords Campaign

AdWords management—the process of maintaining control over your Google AdWords accounts and ad campaigns—is a complicated process that includes:

Managing your campaigns in AdWords Editor—which doesn't provide guidance on proper campaign structure—can become overwhelming as your account grows. Without the right software, AdWords management can easily become a full-time job.

WordStream's PPC management software makes AdWords management simple and efficient. WordStream helps you build your best AdWords campaigns from the ground up while streamlining much of the tedious, time-consuming work associated with PPC campaign management in AdWords. Read on to find out how WordStream's AdWords management software saves you time and money, maximizing ROI for your pay-per-click campaigns.


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Some Key Components to Successful AdWords Management

Successful AdWords management centers around a few key components:

  • Keeping Data Organized - Having your keyword groups and ad groups organized affords better workflow prioritization and improved efficiency. better analyze your campaign's progress and make informed decisions about your data.
  • Semantic Keyword Grouping - Grouping keywords into semantically related ad groups not only improves organization, it also brings rewards like a higher Quality Score and click-through rate (CTR).
  • Bidding Strategically - Make sure you know where your money is going, and get the most out of your ad spend with the right bids on your keywords.
  • Monitoring Progress - In order to move forward with your campaigns, you need to be able to analyze your progress and make informed, strategic decisions that make the most of your keywords and budget.

AdWords Management Help With Strategic Automation

WordStream uses the power of strategic automation to take much of the laborious and tedious work off of your plate in your AdWords management process. This includes tasks like:

  • PPC keyword research - Rather than relying on generalized search data and keyword guesswork, WordStream pulls data right from your own traffic logs to give you keywords that directly apply to your site. WordStream syncs with your analytics and continues to add new keywords every day, so your database grows over time without your needing to expand it by hand.

AdWords Management: how to add new keywords

  • Keyword Grouping - Rather than fishing through a spreadsheet, you can group your keywords in WordStream with just a few clicks. WordStream offers intelligent suggestions for grouping related terms based on factors like search volume and relevance, and helps you create a keyword hierarchy of groups and sub-groups.

AdWords Management :  How To Group Your Keywords

  • Creating PPC Ad Groups - With your AdWords account integrated right into WordStream, you can turn your keyword groups into AdWords ad groups seamlessly. WordStream will even help you write compelling, targeted ads and monitor your bids.

Through strategic automation, WordStream empowers you with the information you need to make important AdWords decisions—without making those decisions for you.

Consolidating AdWords Management With A Central Interface

WordStream brings all facets of AdWords management into one cohesive program. This saves you time otherwise spent jumping from program to program to manage keywords and ads, replicating and deduplicating data, and reduces your margin for AdWords management error.

Having a central dashboard for AdWords management also improves your search marketing team's efficiency—promoting collaboration and eliminating the need to juggle multiple accounts with different interfaces. You can move from negative keyword filtering to bid monitoring in seconds, with WordStream's robust suite of keyword management tools always at your fingertips.

Experience Better AdWords Management with WordStream

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