Keyword Expansion - How to Continuously Expand Your Keyword List

Keyword expansion, the practice of increasing your keywords list in search engine marketing, can save you money while expanding your marketing reach. In this tutorial, you'll learn:

  • What keyword expansion means
  • Why keyword expansion is important
  • Best practices for keyword expansion

So, What is Keyword Expansion, Anyway? 

Keyword expansion is the act of adding new keywords to your current keyword list and search campaign. Keywords are the backbone of your search marketing efforts, and a stagnant keywords list is as dangerous as a stagnant business. In fact, the latter can often follow the former. It's simply crucial in order to stay relevant in the highly competitive arena of search marketing.

This act, though, can cause many problems and concerns for search marketers. For example, what's the best way to expand a keyword list? How do you know which keywords are appropriate for your business? How do you stay current?

With WordStream's Keyword Discovery Tool, you can expand your keyword list with valuable, untapped keyword verticals and minimize time spent shifting through irrelevant keywords.

Why is It Important to Expand Keywords?

Expanding your keywords list opens the doors to new opportunities and new potential customers. Identifying unique and well performing keywords assists all areas of your business, including product development and client communication. Without new keywords, you can't grow your site traffic and find new leads and customers.

Put simply, keyword expansion can save you money and improve your business. Benefits include:

  • Finding keywords with lower CPCs and higher conversion rates
  • Edging out competition with words your competitor doesn't know about
  • Understanding how people talk about your product or features

WordStream's Keyword Expansion Tools

WordStream offers a suite of free keyword tools designed to help you continuously expand and organize your keywords for search marketing.

SEO Keyword Tool

Benefits of using WordStream’s keyword tools include:

  • Expand your keyword list – Get FREE access to WordStream's industry-leading, trillion-keyword database with the Free Keyword Tool.
  • Actionable keyword data - Instead of just a list of keywords, our tools give you structured, actionable data, ready to use in search marketing campaigns. For example, you can drop a list of keywords into the Keyword Grouper to get back an organized set of relevant keyword niches.
  • Negative keyword expansion - Our free Negative Keyword Tool is a fast and easy way to expand your negative keyword list, saving you money in your PPC campaigns.

Using WordStream is the best way to expand keywords while maintaining relevance within your search campaign. You get all the benefits of keyword expansion, such as finding new verticals and discovering well converting keywords with a lower CPC, without the tedious and repetitive work that's often involved. Learn more about WordStream by trying WordStream Free Today.