Ad Group Keyword Grouping – Turning Keyword Groups into PPC Profits

Grouping keywords for ad groups is a crucial step on the road to pay-per-click success. But keyword grouping in Microsoft Excel, the tool most search marketers use for the job, leaves much to be desired: It's not built for keyword grouping, and as a PPC tool, it's not actionable. 

WordStream, on the other hand, is designed specifically for search marketers. It enables simple, efficient keyword grouping and conversion of themed keyword groups into ad groups in Google AdWords. 

Why is grouping keywords for ad groups so important for profitable PPC? 


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Strong Keyword Groups Turn into High-Performing Ad Groups

Segmenting keywords into tight, related keyword groups makes for higher-performing ad groups in AdWords. This is because it's easier to write targeted, relevant text ads and landing pages for small, focused ad groups, leading to compounding PPC benefits including: 

  • High click-through rate (CTR): More people click on more compelling and relevant ads, creating more opportunity for conversions.
  • Lower ad spend: A high AdWords click through rate lowers your cost per click (CPC).
  • Higher Quality Score: Google rewards marketers that offer relevant, valuable ads and resources to search engine users.

This is why it's so important to group keywords for AdWords ad groups if you want to maximize pay-per-click profits (and who doesn't?). 

Using WordStream to Group Keywords for Ad Groups

Keyword grouping and organization in WordStream is incredibly easy compared to the old spreadsheet system. You can quickly sort your keyword lists into a well-structured hierarchy of ad-group-ready segments using our keyword grouping tools.  

And using our Ad Group Builder, you can quickly create new, relevant ad groups from scratch:

Ad Group Keyword Grouping

These suggestions are based on the potential traffic and profits that could be driven by each potential keyword group. Creating keyword groups is just a matter of clicking a button. No more manual cutting and pasting and fussing with Excel formatting. 

Now you just need to turn all your tight, semantically related keyword groups into ad groups in AdWords, starting with those that have the most profit potential. In a spreadsheet, this would require switching between applications – too often, when analytic tools and PPC workbenches are disconnected, value-creating actions are never taken. Since WordStream is actionable and fully integrated with AdWords, you can get to work on your ad groups right away and in the same, unified platform. 

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