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Google Ads Audit: Try Our Free Google Ads Audit Tool

Everyone with a Google Ads (AdWords) account occasionally needs to conduct a thorough audit of their account. Doing regular Google Ads audits is important because it allows you to review your Google advertising account performance and pinpoint areas that need improvement. The goal of the audit is to find areas where you’re underperforming so you can get better results and save money on your Google Ads.

At WordStream we’ve created a free Google Ads audit tool that allows small businesses to see how they compare to other Google Ads advertisers with similar spends, see what’s wrong with their accounts, discover what they can do to improve, and what kind of results they can expect if they implement specific changes.

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Google Ads (AdWords) account audits are essential for small businesses trying to run a top-notch Google Ads campaign. The problem is that PPC audits, PPC audit tools, and AdWords audit software can be expensive and time-consuming. Not everyone can afford to hire a professional to conduct a Google Ads account audit.

That’s why we’ve created a free Google Ads audit to enable small businesses with tight budgets to audit their Google Ads accounts and see where they can improve.

Our Google Ads Account Audit Tool:

  • Is easy to use and understand
  • Provides the same kind of account analysis you’d expect from a consultant or agency
  • Offers actionable insights and competitive intelligence
  • Is instant and 100% free

Get your free account audit in less than 1 minute by running the Google Ads Performance Grader now.

The Google Ads (AdWords) campaign audit grades your Google Ads account based on key metrics such as Quality Score, impressions, and CTR. The Google Ads Account Audit offers an overall grade as well as individual scores in eight key Google Ads areas:

  1. Wasted Spend – The wasted spend section of our free AdWords audit reviews your use of negative keywords, which are essential for keeping AdWords costs low. If you are not implementing negative keywords, you could be wasting thousands of dollars per month on irrelevant keywords that never convert.
  2. Quality Score – The Google Ads audit reviews your campaign’s Quality Scores.  High Quality Scores have a major impact on your ROI, improving your rankings and lowering your costs.
  3. Click-Through Rate (CTR) – CTR is a measure of how targeted your ads are. Our Google Ads campaign audit measures your CTR because it’s a very important metric—if your CTR is low, you could be losing ground to competitors.
  4. Account Activity – Our AdWords audit tool reviews how much time you spend in your account because we’ve discovered a correlation between those who spend more time in their Google Ads accounts and AdWords success.
  5. Long-Tail Keyword Optimization – Long-tail keywords, or longer, more targeted keywords, are an essential part of a high-performing AdWords campaign. The free AdWords audit grades your use of long-tail keywords. If you’re not implementing long-tails, you’re missing opportunities to grab high-intent, low-cost traffic.
  6. Ad Text Optimization – The Google Ads campaign audit reviews your text ad usage, which is key for strong performance in terms of impressions, clicks, CTR and ad ranking.
  7. Landing Page Optimization – More landing pages usually means more targeted messaging. The Google Ads account audit makes sure you have landing pages up to snuff with competitors.
  8. PPC Best Practices – Our AdWords audit tool makes sure that you are adhering to the proven best practices that AdWords experts follow to for optimal AdWords performance.

The free Google Ads audit will help you discover how you measure up against competitors, where you account needs improvement, and exactly what changes you need to make to best optimize your Google Ads account.

Try the Google Ads Audit Tool free today, and get your template to Google Ads success!

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