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Using AdWords Negative Keywords – How to Best Use PPC Negative Keywords

The idea, in any marketing initiative, is to try to get your message to as many interested parties as possible.  You want hot leads and qualified clicks.  This will require you to weed your PPC garden.

In the coming paragraph, we’ll lay out a system of generating highly effective negative keywords.

AdWords Negative Keyword List

Google AdWords supports something called “negative keywords.” This means that within Ad Groups, you can designate not only the terms you want to bid on, but also the variations of terms you don’t want included in the basket of clicks that you’ll pay for.

How to add negative keywords in AdWords

AdWords Negative Keywords in Search Marketing

If we go back to broad match, we can see where this could potentially be a really useful tool.  You can weed out the variations you don’t like, right?  But Google doesn’t provide you with a list of the queries your ad is displaying for, or with a record of what people are clicking on when you opt for “broad match.” So you have no idea what kinds of useless ads you’re buying, and here again we encounter the problem of scale. How can a person even begin to approach listing off the seemingly endless, random number of variations that won’t bring you the kinds of clicks you want?


AdWords negative keyword lists

Learn More About AdWords Negative Keywords and Negative Keywords for Search

The above is an excerpt from the “Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing Best Practices” white paper. To learn more about the keywords you should be advertising against, download the free white paper today! Also try our free collection of Google AdWords for Dummies Downloads.

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