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The Best Free Keyword Tool for Search Marketers

There are a lot of free keyword tools out there, but the vast majority of keyword research tools are designed for SEO, or organic search marketing and content marketing.

It’s unfortunate, because keyword research is absolutely crucial for paid search marketing, or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, as well. Plus, when there’s money on the line, as there is in paid search, you need to be extra sure that your keyword data is accurate.

WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool is different. It was designed specifically with paid search marketers in mind, meaning you get the right keywords and the right keyword data that you need in order to plan, build, and optimize campaigns in Google AdWords. And you can use it for SEO keyword research too!

Let’s take a closer look at why the Free Keyword Tool from WordStream is the one of the best free keyword tools for any search marketer, but especially those running paid search campaigns.

WordStream: The Best Keyword Tool for AdWords Users

Most free tools give you keywords and search volume data, and our tool provides those too; you can definitely use it for SEO.

But WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool offers several key features that will come in especially handy if you’re running ad campaigns in AdWords.

To get started, just enter a term or topic. For the best, most accurate results, select your industry and country as well. This will improve the accuracy of your keyword results if you’re searching on an ambiguous term.

For example, if you search for “toys” in the “Hobbies & Leisure” industry, you’ll get results like “toys r us,” “toys for girls,” and “baby toys.”

best keyword tool for ppc research

But if you perform the same search in the “Arts & Entertainment” industry, you’ll see keywords related to the movie Toy Story and Transformers.

best keyword tools

You can also enter a URL to get competitive insights into what keywords businesses like yours are bidding on.

best competitive keyword tool

If you want the full list of keywords, just enter your email and we’ll send you the complete list.

Unlocking Even More Data from the Keyword Tool

Here’s where things get really good. If you connect your AdWords account to the Free Keyword Tool, you’ll get additional, actionable data that is personalized to your own account performance (and it’s still free). This additional keyword data includes:

  • Competition level: This column shows you whether a keyword’s competitiveness is high, medium, or low. More competitive keywords often have a higher cost per click (CPC).
  • Estimated CPC: You’ll also see an estimate for the keyword’s CPC. This is roughly how much you can expect to pay if you bid on this keyword, though of course you can always lower your costs by achieving a higher Quality Score than your competitors.
  • Opportunity Score: Our proprietary WordStream Opportunity Score is based on an algorithm that incorporates a keyword’s search volume and competition levels along with your own account’s performance to calculate a score from 1 to 10. Once you connect your account, your keyword results are sorted by Opportunity Score. An Opportunity Score of 10 represents the quickest win for your account, because it’s the magic combination of low cost but high volume.

All of this will help you build more effective AdWords campaigns with higher ROI.

This is what makes WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool the best for AdWords users!

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