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The 4 Emotions that Make the Best Emotional Ads [DATA]

Emotional ads significantly out-perform bland, boring ads, but which emotions pack the biggest punch? Do happy, positive ads work better than ads that feed on negative emotions? Find out the top four click-driving emotions for ads in this data-backed post!

6 Times Taylor Swift Got PPC Right

There are lots of ways to learn PPC, but sometimes I like to listen to my music collection for inspiration instead. In fact, I always have my Spotify cued up for tunes at work. It’s all about reading in between the lines – I had no idea T. Swift was so knowledgeable about PPC!

9 Reasons Your AdWords Ad Was Disapproved – And How to Fix It

Was your AdWords ad disapproved? Learn why should care about ad disapprovals and how to fix them - BEFORE Google suspends your account!

Analyze & Beat Your Google Ads Competitors With These 5 Powerful Tools

Are you competitive in Google Ads? I bet you want to be! Here are four of our favorite tools, including Auction Insights and SEM Rush, for analyzing your Google Ads competition and using competitive data to beat them out.