New AdWords Remarketing Features in WordStream Advisor Are Here!

On February 16, 2018

Hi there, my name is Rachael. As part of the Product Marketing team of two here at WordStream, I am happy to share my first post to this blog with you! Sharing ways we are enhancing your online advertising experience is what I’m here for, so in the future you can expect to read more product updates like this from me. Now onto the latest and greatest in product news...

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10X Your A/B Testing with AdWords Ad Variations

On February 13, 2018

Is “Buy now” a more effective call to action than “Don’t miss the boat”? Do your prospects prefer to noodle around in a “free trial” or would they rather “try [our] software”? What happens if you invert your headlines? Do URL paths even matter, bro?!?!

When it comes to writing ads, these are the questions that haunt paid search aficionados. They’re the crux of ad-centric A/B testing, and they’ve been notoriously difficult to answer for a whole gang of reasons, from a lack of time to sub-optimal ad rotation settings and then some.

Until now.

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5 Best Reporting Tools For Marketers & Advertisers

On February 9, 2018

Bosses and clients don’t always know what you do all day.

Sure, they kinda get it. They know you’re PPCing. They know you sprinkle magic SEO pixie dust on a page before it goes live.

But beyond that?


In that sense, reporting should be like selling.

marketing reports

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Are You Missing 80% of Your Conversions? The Importance of Call Tracking [Case Study]

On February 7, 2018

AdWords conversion tracking can be a bear. Whether you’re trying to track a content download, a demo request, or a view-through in-store visit (I’m only joking), you have to deal with conversion action setup, code implementation, and some testing to make sure your desired action is being tracked and attributed accurately.

Unfortunately, all of this work can be confusing and time-consuming, which often leads to some conversions – such as on-site phone calls – not being tracked.

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