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Cross-channel marketing is more than just using multiple channels. Use our actionable, in-depth articles to create and execute an effective cross-channel marketing strategy across PPC, SEO, social, email, and all your other channels—with tips on how to get Facebook and Google ads to work together, how to build your funnel, mistakes to avoid, and more.

The 8 Absolute BEST Advertising Platforms for 2024

Which advertising platforms are worth your time (and budget)? We're breaking down the top ones to consider.

Performance Marketing 101: Everything You Need to Know

Get the rundown on all things performance marketing.

13-Step Guide to Building a Brand Community (+Real-World Examples)

Build a strong brand community to boost loyalty, fortify brand values, and create a culture of innovation with your best customers.

5 Ways to Create a Stellar Customer Experience Strategy

A better customer experience can help you convert and keep more customers and grow your business. Get tips to build a stand out customer experience strategy that hits all the right marks.

19 Must-Have Marketing Channels to Try Now (+Tips to Make Them Work for Your Business)

Which marketing channels should your business prioritize? Get the complete list--plus helpful tips to get started.

Cross-Channel Marketing: Can You Do It All?

Spoiler alert: yes—and we're sharing exactly why and how to do that.

The 19 Best Marketing Strategies for 2023 (That You Can Actually Do)

These aren't trends to keep your eye on. They're plain realities and tangible strategies that will bring you results NOW.

7 Cross-Channel Marketing Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

Learn seven mistakes to avoid—with targeting, budgeting, and reporting—to get the most out of your cross-channel marketing strategy.

4 Ways to Identify How Your Display Ads Impact Search Ad Performance

Do Display ad campaigns affect Search campaigns? The answer is yes, and in this post, we provide four ways to identify just how strong this influence is for your ads—via Display-specific Google Analytics audiences, observation audiences, Google Trends, and view-through conversions.

4 Underrated YouTube Metrics to Quantify Your Video Campaign Success

Conversions are always important, but they're not the only way to measure and prove success when you're running a YouTube video ad campaign. Here are four additional KPI's that will help you analyze your results.

How to Build a Cross-Channel Lead Generation Strategy in 4 Steps

Cross-channel marketing strategies are important, but figuring out the details isn’t easy. Here, we're sharing how to set up your cross-channel lead generation strategy in just four simple steps!

10 Marketing Channels You Need to Try This Year

When you hear marketing channels, you probably think Google and Facebook. But there are so many more platforms to reach your audience, and studies show cross-platform strategies perform better. Here are 10 marketing channels to try out today!

The 5 Best Ad Campaigns the Internet Has Ever Seen

We took it upon ourselves to identify five online advertising campaigns (two on Google, three on Facebook) that struck marketing gold. Check out the 5 best ad campaigns the internet has ever seen.

7 Reasons Google Ads and Facebook Ads Make the Perfect Pair

The wholesome union of Google Ads and Facebook Ads is one we here at WordStream can get behind. In this post, we discuss why integrating your Google and Facebook Ads campaigns is vital to any holistic marketing strategy.

4 Ways to Make Facebook & Google Ads Work Better Together

Still thinking in terms of Google versus Facebook? You should be thinking in terms of Google PLUS Facebook instead! Learn four ways these two networks can work together to get you better results from your ad campaigns.

Google Ads Attribution Models: How to Choose, Use, & Improve Them

If you're only measuring direct conversions or attributing everything to the last click, you're missing out on a lot of the value inherent in your online advertising campaigns. Learn how more sophisticated attribution models can show you the bigger picture and help you measure your true success.

Master Multichannel Marketing With Facebook Ads

Multichannel marketing strategies are often completely unrelated, which means you're leaving money on the table. In this post, Empiric Marketing's Brett McHale discusses how you can use Facebook ad audiences, rules, and account structure to improve performance on other platforms.

How to Make Paid Search & Social Media Marketing Work Together

Combining a PPC campaign with social media promotion can be amazingly effective. Learn how you can strategically combine your efforts on multiple channels to reach your audience where they are.

Want More Brand Searches on Google? Advertise on Bing or Facebook [DATA]

There are plenty of reasons to advertise on more networks than just Google - in fact, advertising on Bing and Facebook can lift your Google brand searches by 34%!

What is Multi-Channel Marketing? Pros, Cons & Pro Tips

Multi-channel marketing can improve your marketing results everywhere you have a brand presence. Learn what multi-channel marketing is and why it brings in more customers than marketing through a single channel alone.

25 Ways to Use Google Ads Data for SEO

One often-mentioned best practice for SEO is to use a test PPC campaign to “get some initial data” about a query space, and people frequently make reference to the fact that you can get valuable insights for your organic optimization efforts by looking at pay-per-click data.

Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels: How to Use Multi-Channel Tracking & Attribution

Despite being somewhat overshadowed by slightly more interesting tech news yesterday, the Google Analytics blog made a big announcement: multi-channel funnels are now available to everyone.