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Email marketing is one of the highest ROI channels around. Businesses use it to nurture leads, boost retention, drive website traffic, and much more. But your customers’ inbox is a highly competitive space and communication can be tricky. Use our email marketing articles to achieve your best open rates, click-through rates, and ROI yet—including email templates, subject lines, newsletter ideas, list-building tactics, best practices, and more!

13 Heartfelt Holiday Emails to Send to Your Customers (Examples & Templates!)

Want to send an authentic holiday greeting this year your customers will actually read? This is your cheat sheet!

How to Build a High-Quality Email List: 7 Free & Low-Cost Strategies

Ready to build a high-converting email list that helps you make the most of your email campaigns? Use these 7 (mostly-free) strategies.

19 Unforgettable Year-in-Review Email Examples (+How to Write Your Own)

When done right, this simple email doesn't just delight your customers—it drives your marketing goals! It's all in the technique.

Kristen McCormick
December 15, 2022 | Email Marketing

10 Tips to Declutter Your Email Marketing List for Higher ROI

The less-is-more guide to reputation and ROI!

Guest Author
November 30, 2022 | Email Marketing

How to Write a Follow-Up Email (+12 Examples & Templates)

Everything you need to write a strong, non-annoying follow-up email that gets a response.

5 Copy & Paste Email Templates Any Business Can Use

Scratch writing from scratch with these templates for outreach, welcome, thank you, announcement, and customer appreciation emails.

Sujan Patel
March 30, 2022 | Email Marketing

The 177 Best Email Subject Lines & Templates

Tips and examples so you can soar past spam traps, skeptics, and skimmers.

34 Valentine’s Day Messages for Your Clients (with Email Templates!)

Because accidentally saying "love you bye" doesn't count.

9 Popular Email Marketing Strategies to Stop Doing ASAP (+13 to Do Instead)

Just because you can still do them doesn't mean you should! Learn how to stay successful amidst the Apple iOS 15 email privacy updates.

Kristen McCormick
December 27, 2021 | Email Marketing

10 Top-Notch Trigger Email Examples (+5 Steps to Create Your Own)

Learn what trigger emails are and why they work so well, plus 10 trigger email examples with tips and best practices. And an infographic!

Guest Author
October 28, 2021 | Email Marketing

The 7 Rules of B2B Email Marketing (Plus 4 Examples We Love)

Follow these tips and best practices to carry out an effective B2B email marketing strategy—from copywriting to segmentation and everything in between—plus real B2B email marketing examples for inspiration!

13 Email Marketing Tips Your Readers Want You To Be Following…Now!

These 13 email marketing tips combine the fundamentals with recent studies, new tools available to us, and current trends to help you get the best results from your campaigns.

7 Email Copywriting Tips We Swear By (With Examples!)

Use these seven email copywriting tips and examples to connect with your audience and drive your marketing goals. We'll talk about purpose, CTA, tone, formatting, and more—with examples!

8 Ways to Optimize Your Emails for Accessibility (& Why You Need To)

It's important to make sure your email content is accessible not only to readers with impairments or disabilities, but also compatible with the assistive technology they use. Learn 8 best practices to ensure your emails reach everyone in your audience.

Guest Author
April 30, 2021 | Email Marketing

9 Tips to Write Emails (Even Automated Ones!) Like a Human Being

For email marketing to be effective, you need to respect your reader’s humanity, never losing sight of the fact that you should be writing like a real person. In this post, we provide 9 tips for writing personalized email copy that resonates with your audience and encourages engagement.

23 Easy Newsletter Ideas (+Examples) to Engage Your Readers

Need ideas for your email newsletters? Learn why newsletters are important, how to write a newsletter that gets opened and read, and 23 specific newsletter content ideas to engage your audience and win more customers.

Guest Author
February 25, 2021 | Email Marketing

20 Creative Call to Action Examples for Email Newsletter Signups

Looking for ways to get more subscribers to your email list? Gain knowledge of best practices and inspiration with these 20 call to action examples for email signups that real businesses are using on their websites.

Kristen McCormick
February 11, 2021 | Email Marketing

14 Great Email Signature Examples to Copy & Make Your Own

Email signature marketing will continue evolving in the next few years. This post covers 7 important trends to stay ahead of and 14 examples of great marketing email signatures to model after for the best ROI on your email campaigns.

Guest Author
January 21, 2021 | Email Marketing

The 27 Best Networking Email Subject Lines (+9 Full Templates!)

Making great connections starts with making great impressions. Use these networking email templates to do just that!

How to Get Started with Automated Email Marketing: Tips, Tools, & Examples

Email marketing automation is a huge time-saver for business owners and marketers. This post lays out what email marketing automation is and how to get started, and provides great examples so you're not starting from scratch.

Mary Lister
September 1, 2020 | Email Marketing

How to Write Your Best Promotional Emails (+18 Examples!)

Reach your email marketing goals by learning how to write effective promotional emails—including best practices and real examples.

Email Marketing for Ecommerce: 11 Tips to Stay Out of the Trash

How can you stand out against the flood of other emails loading up your target customer's inbox? Here are 11 tips for improving your ecommerce email marketing, including personalized subject lines, VIP offers, and more!

6 Super Effective Ways to Up Your Video Email Marketing Game

We all know how effective and captivating video is in marketing, but what about video in email marketing? Here are six ways to improve your email with video content, including event promotions, personalized video messages, and more!

8 Email List Building Tips to Help Grow Your Small Business

Email list building is one of the most successful methods for growing your small business. Here are eight email list building tips, employing social media, pop-ups, and more, to help you grow and succeed this year!

Guest Author
April 11, 2019 | Email Marketing

15 Non-Negotiable Email Marketing Best Practices

Email marketing is a great, low-cost method to drive engagement and conversions—as long as you're doing it right. Here, we've compiled the 15 non-negotiable email marketing best practices you need to follow for successful campaigns.

Mary Lister
January 3, 2019 | Email Marketing

5 Steps to Grow Your Small Business with Cold Email

Cold email is an awesome tool for all businesses because it’s affordable, scalable, and effective. Here’s how small businesses can start leveraging cold email to grow their business in five simple steps.

Sujan Patel
December 3, 2018 | Email Marketing