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Looking to start, grow or scale a digital marketing agency? In today’s competitive landscape, this is not an easy feat. Explore our in-depth articles on prospecting, acquisition and retention, hiring and training employees, advanced PPC strategies, and more. You’ll learn how to build a strong portfolio of offerings, strengthen client relationships, streamline your processes, and stand out from your competitors with service that wows!

6 Absolute Best Strategies to Grow Your Digital Marketing Agency in 2023

Whether you're an established agency or just getting started, here are five strategies you can use to grow your digital marketing agency this year.

9 Non-PPC Questions Your PPC Clients Will Ask (& How to Answer Them)

From business expansion to customer retention and everything in between.

How to Train a New Employee: 7 Tips for Growing Agencies

From mock client calls to 30-60-90 plans, follow these tips so you can grow and scale with ease.

Erin Rose
November 17, 2022 | Strategies for Agencies

The 10 Best B2B Sales Strategies to Land More Clients

Closing more deals doesn't require fancy tactics—just fundamentals.

13 Customer Retention Strategies to Earn Loyalty (& Save Money)

We interviewed over 20 businesses to learn what works for them. Here's what they said!

Lisa Smith
March 9, 2022 | Marketing Ideas

11 Actionable Ways to Build Client Relationships That Last

The secret to sustained success is having great relationships with your clients. Here are 11 ways your agency can build strong client relationships that translate into better productivity, greater loyalty, and more referrals!

6 Critical KPIs to Improve Your Agency’s Profitability

This post will walk you through the 6 expert-recommended metrics that will help to not only improve your digita agency's profitability, but to also be able to measure and improve your strategies along the way.

State of the Internet Marketing Agency in 2020

Our annual inside look at what makes internet marketing agencies tick. Get the findings and key takeaways around growth, services, and reporting for overall agency management and PPC specifically.

How to Write a Winning Business Proposal (With Examples)

Effective business proposals can help you to win more clients. Use these tips and steps to write thorough and convincing business proposals that will get you that signature.

7 Free Training Resources for Digital Marketing Agencies

As a digital marketing agency, growing your team or skillset costs time, money, and energy. We've identified seven free training resources so you can scale up without sacrificing your day-to-day responsibilities.

Get Early Access to Our State of the Agency 2020: Here’s How

Our State of the Internet Marketing Agency report is an annual look into agency standards in the industry. This year, we're asking for your help with our 2020 survey—and we're offering early access to the results. Find out how to get involved here.

5 Strategies to Make Your Agency More Profitable & Scalable

It's simple: Agencies that focus on increasing profitability and scalability find long-term success. Here are six strategies to help maximize your agency's potential for growth that you can start focusing on today!

How to Identify the Best Ad Platform for Your PPC Clients

Every client is different. In this guide, we break down how to determine the best ad platform for your client, based on goals, budgets, and more!

8 Ways to Prioritize Your At-Risk Clients

Digital marketing agencies have a lot on their plates. So how do you prioritize which accounts to work on first? Here are 8 ways to prioritize your at-risk client accounts, including MRR, client relationship, and more!

Learn How to Grow Your Digital Marketing Agency-For Free!

WordStream's Grow My Agency course is a free, flexible online learning solution for growing digital marketing agencies. Check out this post to learn more!

5 Agency Reporting Tips to Prove Your Value to Clients

Pulling reports for your agency clients might seem like it's just another task, but it's really an unbeatable opportunity: You can use reporting to show your client how valuable you are. Here are 5 reporting tips to prove your value to your clients!

6 Steps to Grow Your Digital Marketing Agency Through Verticalization

Verticalization is one of the most effective ways to grow your digital marketing agency. Check out this blog post to learn everything you need to know!

6 Must-Try White Label Tools for Marketing Agencies

For digital marketing agencies looking to scale, white label tools are a must. Here, we share six top white label marketing tools to help manage reporting, branding campaigns, and more!

The 5 Pillars of Healthy, Effective Client Communication

Your standing as a digital agency rests on your ability to communicate with your clients effectively. Check out our guide to better client communication based on the five pillars of transparency, empathy, self-awareness, context, and flexibility.

7 Prospecting Strategies for PPC Agencies

Digital marketing agencies often realize that finding prospects isn't difficult; finding the right prospects is. We're sharing seven tried-and-true methods to prospect for high-quality PPC agency clients.

State of the Internet Marketing Agency in 2019

It's here! Check out the 2019 edition of WordStream's annual State of the Agency report—an inside look at how digital marketing agencies run their businesses.

Scaling a Digital Agency: How to Hire the Right People

Between finding people with the right background and a strong culture fit, hiring new employees to scale your agency can be a daunting task. Here are some tried-and-true strategies to consider as you expand your team.

7 Proposal Generator Tools to Help Your Agency Grow

Here, we share 7 of the best tools for creating proposals for PPC clients.

Small Agency Hacks: 7 Low-Cost Ways to Manage Client Social Media Accounts

When managing a client’s social media accounts, it can be tough to juggle hitting goals, delivering on time, and staying within budget. Don’t worry; we’re here help. Here are seven smart, low-cost ways you can manage social media accounts and keep those clients happy.

Guest Author
October 2, 2018 | Social Media

Pitch & Win Clients Better with WordStream’s New Business Center

Most agencies lack the time needed to win new business at scale. WordStream's New Business Center can help you quickly audit paid search and social accounts, create data-backed pitches, and seamlessly transition prospects to your client center, where you can use everything you already love about WordStream Advisor to deliver value as quickly as possible.

4 Google Ads Features Agencies Should Prepare For

Aside from the obvious name and logo changes, the rebranding of Google Adwords to Google Ads includes new must-know features for digital marketing agencies and their clients. Here are the top four new Google ad features you should be aware of.

5 Keys to Starting Your Own Digital Marketing Agency

Ready to start your own marketing agency, but not sure how? From developing the necessary skills to deciding how you want to scale your business, here are the five steps you need to follow to build an online marketing agency from the ground up.