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Identifying the right keywords is crucial for both SEO and PPC success. But finding the best keywords for your campaigns and strategy can be difficult. These articles provide insights, ideas, examples, and tools to simply keyword research.

How to Do Keyword Mapping for SEO (+Free Template)

Find out how to do keyword mapping to rank higher on Google--complete with a template to get started right away!

Are You Paying Too Much for Your Brand Keywords? 5 Ways to Find Out (& Fix It!)

Find out why your brand keyword costs per click may be higher than normal, and learn how to fix it with these five optimization tips.

PPC Keyword Maintenance: 6 Things You Should Be Doing Regularly

Non-generic advice to help you master the nuances and caveats of keyword performance!

5 Challenges to Choosing Keywords for PPC (& How to Squash Them)

In this post we'll discuss some of the most common PPC keyword mistakes along with foundational best practices to help you fix these keyword problems!

Commercial Intent: How to Find Your Most Valuable Keywords

Here's how to get in front of prospects when they're ready to buy—and when they're not.

How to Do Competitor Keyword Analysis in 5 Steps (+Free Template!)

Uncover valuable keywords with this five-step process, plus tips, tools, and a template!

6 Smart Ways to Grow Your Keyword Lists With Microsoft Advertising Intelligence Tools

Learn how to use Microsoft Advertising Intelligence to find new keywords for both Microsoft and Google Ads accounts with Keyword Suggestion, Traffic, Age Group, and Gender, Associated Keywords, Webpage Keywords, and Keyword Performance features.

LSI Keywords: How to Find & Use Them to Improve Your SEO

LSI keywords are crucial for SEO! Learn about what LSI keywords are, how to find LSI keywords for your content, and how to incorporate them into your content and SEO strategy to get more relevant traffic and win more customers online.

7 Cross-Platform Keyword Research Tools You Need to Try

As a marketer, you need to be able to check your keyword rankings and discover new keyword opportunities on a variety of platforms. That's why we've rounded up seven cross-platform keyword research tools that you need to try!

4 Ways to Find Low-Volume Keywords for SEO

Low search volume keywords can help your target your ideal audience and expand your reach. Here are four ways to find them, including user-generated communities, social media posts, and more!

4 Keyword Research Strategies to Find Your Product-Market Fit

All too often, keyword research is seen as only useful for SEO and, therefore, only useful when driving growth for an existing business.

3 Tips for Better, Faster YouTube Keyword Research

To make sure your YouTube ads get in front of your audience, though, you need video SEO and keyword research on your side. Here, we explain how you can make your YouTube keyword research better, faster, and more effective.

What Works & What Doesn’t When Automating Ad Copy & Keywords

Here, we're discussing ad copy and keyword automation. We provide ways to save time on the two biggest cornerstones of your search campaigns without sacrificing performance.

The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Keyword Research

Keyword research is essential for any Amazon seller who wants his or her products to rank highly in the search results. Check out this guide for our advice!

Conor Bond
October 23, 2018 | Ecommerce Strategy

The Big, Vital, All-in-One Guide to Keyword Difficulty

The purpose of this guide is to give you an in-depth look at the importance of keyword difficulty in conducting effective keyword research for both organic and paid search. Check out our big, vital, all-in-one guide to keyword difficulty!

The 411 on Low Search Volume Keywords

Low search volume keywords are keywords that don't get searched very often. In this article, learn what to do when Google marks your keywords as 'low search volume' and what it means for your paid search account.

The Definitive Guide to Negative Keywords in Google Ads

Determining your most profitable keywords and creating relevant ad groups, ads, and landing pages based on those keywords is crucial to succeeding in paid search. Learn how to uncover and add negative keywords at scale in Google Ads!

The 8 Best Tools for Finding Competitor Keywords

Need to see what keywords your competitors are using? Check out these eight powerful tools you should incorporate into your competitive keyword research workflow.

8 Ways to Make the Most of Your AdWords Keywords

Once you've found the right keywords for your AdWords campaigns, what's next? Check out these smart tips for getting more leverage from your AdWords keywords at lower overall costs.

How to Identify Your Most Valuable Keywords (& Find More)

When it comes to immediate optimization you’re caught between a rock and a hard place… Unless you shift your focus to Click-Through Rate. Learn how to identify high-value, high-CTR keywords in your AdWords account and beyond.

What’s a Good Quality Score for Each Type of Keyword?

What's a good Quality Score in AdWords? As usual, it depends, but we can set different Quality Score benchmarks for different keyword types: brand, low-intent, high-intent and competitor keywords.

How to Do Keyword Research: The Easy, Step-by-Step Guide

Intimidated by the prospect of keyword research? Don't be! This guide tells you exactly how to do keyword research for SEO, PPC, content, and competitors! Plus we share our five favorite keyword research tools.

Beginner’s Guide to Keyword Search Volume for Marketers

Whether you're doing SEO or PPC, keyword search volume, or the number of people searching for a keyword in a given time period, is one of the most crucial metrics to understand so you can maximize traffic. Find out everything you need to know about keyword search volume.

4 Super-Smart Keyword Research Ideas that Boost SEO

Need some new ideas for SEO keyword research? Odds are, you're skipping these great keyword research tips that can really improve your organic rankings and CTR.

10 Question-Based Keywords that Drive Tons of High-Quality Traffic

Answering questions with your content is a fantastic way to drive tons of high-quality organic traffic. Check out 10 types of questions that work, plus SEO tips for ranking on question keywords.

5 Keyword Search Tools All Online Advertisers Should Be Using

Need help finding new keywords for your accounts? Here are five super-reliable keyword research tools and tactics that will help you get the job done for just about any vertical you’re working with!

5 Tips for Dominating Your Ecommerce Keyword Research

Building out an e-commerce account is daunting--it's easy to run out of keyword ideas! Luckily, these five tips will ease the pain and help you find brand new, unique e-commerce keywords.

Erin Sagin
January 18, 2016 | Ecommerce Strategy