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It’s important to embrace diversity, inclusion, and equity in your business and your marketing. These articles provide helpful tips, examples, stats, and inspiration to help you affirm respect for all cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives. Get deeper insights into how to manifest this diversity in marketing initiatives, campaigns, and your overall business.

45+ Inclusive Holiday Marketing Ideas to Shine Bright This Season

Shine bright to *everyone* in your audience this holiday season with these inclusive holiday marketing ideas.

76 Perspective-Broadening Stats About Diversity & Inclusion in Marketing for 2024

Get equipped and inspired to make meaningful change in society through your marketing efforts.

8 Inspiring Black-Owned Businesses That Are Rocking It This Year

From sunscreen to breweries, these entrepreneurs are an inspiration to all.

Website Accessibility: 8 Ways to Reach Everyone in Your Audience

Avoid lawsuits, be more inclusive, and improve your SEO—all in one go!

11 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Resources for Small Businesses

Incorporate true DEI into your marketing with these free tips, templates, and tools.

8 Ways to Master Green Marketing (+5 Eco-Friendly Brands to Follow)

Save the planet and attract customers with these tips and examples from truly green brands.

8 Practical & Inspiring Tips for Minority-Owned Businesses

Discover minority business influencers, nonprofit grants, government resources, and more!

3 Ways to Embrace Inclusion & Diversity in Your Marketing

Embracing the diversity of consumers will more profoundly impact marketing from now on. These three strategies for truly embedding diversity into your brand will not only improve consumer perception but benefit your business as well.

How to Listen, React, and Use Cultural Shifts Appropriately in Your Marketing

In this article, we’ll discuss how your business can honor and implement cultural shifts appropriately in your marketing, through social responsibility, social listening, segmentation, and more.

These 4 Brands Excellently Embraced Social Change in 2020

Engaging in social change isn’t limited to major corporations and global brands. See how these four companies took a stand, shifted their business processes, and lived their company values to do what's right and help make a change.

5 Myths about Women in Business (Debunked)

The Megaphone of Mainstreet's SCORE 2018 report on women-owned businesses provides us with the data to debunk some vastly outdated myths surrounding women's role as entrepreneurs.

How to Save the World with Cause-Related Marketing (+6 Examples)

Many of the most effective marketing campaigns share a philanthropic angle. Learn how to leverage cause-related marketing techniques to raise awareness for worthy causes and nonprofits working to make a difference. Includes tons of real-world examples to inspire your campaigns.

Dan Shewan
February 15, 2018 | Diversity & Inclusion