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TikTok is no longer just an app for Gen Zers to spend time scrolling. It’s now a marketing and advertising powerhouse where businesses can reach and engage with a vast audience ready to search and buy. Whether you’re looking for the basics like how to set up a TikTok account for your business or something more advanced like TikTok ad targeting strategies, these tips, insights, and expert tutorials will provide everything you need to make TikTok marketing and advertising successful for your business.

TikTok Ads Bidding Strategies (Which Is Best for You?)

Here's a quick rundown of TikTok's two ad bidding strategy options and how to choose the right one.

Michelle Morgan
June 6, 2024 | TikTok

How the TikTok Algorithm Works in 2024 (+9 Ways to Go Viral)

Learn how to use the TikTok algorithm to your advantage so your videos get more views and engagement.

Rob Glover
May 8, 2024 | TikTok

17 Ways to Discover TikTok Trends & Ideas for Viral Content

Find out how to do TikTok trend discovery to uncover the right viral content for your business with these ideas, tips, and examples.

Susie Marino
December 14, 2023 | TikTok

TikTok vs. YouTube: Which Is Best for Your Goals?

We break down everything you need to know.

Sneh Choudhary
November 8, 2023 | TikTok

How Often to Post on TikTok for the Most Views & Followers (+7 Tips to Post Faster)

Get a boost to your views and followers when you learn how often to post on TikTok.

Rob Glover
September 20, 2023 | TikTok

11 Sneaky Ways to Use the TikTok Ads Library for Better, More Engaging Ads

Learn how the TikTok Ads library tool for your business when you're trying to beat out the competition on TikTok Ads.

Susie Marino
September 14, 2023 | TikTok

9 Proven TikTok Marketing Strategies to Skyrocket Conversions

We’re sharing TikTok marketing strategies that will help you reach high-value audiences, improve cost efficiency, and skyrocket your conversions.

Jordan Bucknell
August 23, 2023 | TikTok

The Best Time to Post on TikTok For Your Business in 2024 (+Bonus Ways to Boost Engagement)

Find out when you should post on TikTok to get the most engagement from your unique audience.

Kristen McCormick
June 9, 2023 | TikTok

6 Proven Techniques for Ultra-Effective TikTok Ads Targeting

We're exploring six expert techniques that will help you to identify, reach, and convert profitable audiences with your TikTok advertising.

Jordan Bucknell
May 23, 2023 | TikTok

85 of the Best TikTok Hashtags to Use for Your Small Business

Get the ultimate list of the best TikTok hashtags complete with tips and examples.

Jessica Carmichael
April 7, 2023 | TikTok

Facebook vs TikTok Ads: Key Differences & How to Use Them Together

Compare (and make the most of!) costs, targeting, formats, and analytics.

Jordan Bucknell
February 7, 2023 | Facebook Ads

8 Easy Ways to Get on TikTok’s FYP (& What It Means)

Get on the FYP so you can gain more exposure for your brand...or should we say, FYB 🙃

Guest Author
October 7, 2022 | TikTok

10 Easy Ways to Get More Likes on TikTok

Delight your viewers with special effects, captions, hashtags, and more.

Guest Author
June 17, 2022 | TikTok

How to Go Live on TikTok – Plus Tips, Ideas & Examples

Including the secret trick to go live without having 1,000 followers!

How to Stitch on TikTok – With Ideas & (Hilarious) Examples

These examples might have you in...wait for it... stitches.

TikTok vs. Reels Ads: Which Performs Better? An Experiment Reveals!

One ad. Two platforms. Three weeks. One winner. Dum dum dummm.....

Guest Author
February 16, 2022 | Instagram

9 Data-Backed Reasons to be Advertising on TikTok (& Not Just to Zillenials)

Fact: TikTok is not just a Zillenial platform! And it has lots of benefits to offer! Learn more about how TikTok ads can help any business to increase exposure and authentically market its products and services—to any audience.

Anne Kunsman
August 11, 2020 | TikTok

5 Simple Steps to Set Up Your TikTok Ads

With the apps surge in popularity, TikTok advertising should be a part of your marketing strategy. Here, we're giving you a step-by-step guide to getting started, plus why this avertising works and how to handle your reporting.

Mary Lister
July 22, 2020 | TikTok