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Meta Ads vs. Google Ads: 6 Key Differences (+Which Is Better?)

Meta Ads and Google Ads can both help you reach new audiences and connect with new customers on widely used platforms. But what are the major differences? We walk through what you need to know to decide which is best for your business.

Jyll Saskin Gales
August 15, 2023 | Facebook Ads

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In this complete guide to Google Tag Manager, you'll learn how to create an account, install GTM on your website, what to track, and more with helpful videos along the way.

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58 Free & Creative September Marketing Ideas for Any Business

Meaningful ways to connect with your customers through content, events, promos, and more this September.

60 Creative & Inspiring Labor Day Instagram Captions

Ideas, examples, and quotes to help you think outside the box.

Kristen McCormick
August 9, 2023 | Instagram

The Absolute Best Time to Post on YouTube in 2024

Publishing videos on YouTube at the right time can give your posts a boost in early engagement. Here are the best average times to post on YouTube and tips to find the best time for your business.

Rob Glover
August 8, 2023 | Video Marketing

22 Google Ads Automated Rules That Will Make Your Life Easier

Coming up with the right formula for Google Ads automated rules is half the battle. We did the hard work for you in this complete guide!

Mark Irvine
August 7, 2023 | Google Ads

9 Customer Segmentation Models & How to Use Them for Smarter Marketing

These nine customer segmentation models can help you develop smarter and more effective marketing strategies to reach and engage your customers.

The Quick & Easy Guide to Organic Traffic (+5 Tips to Drive More Fast)

Investing in organic traffic can propel your business growth long-term. Find out what it is, how to drive it, and why it's so important.

Gordon Donnelly
August 3, 2023 | SEO

How to Get Verified on Instagram: 6 Steps to Get Your Blue Check

The process to get verified on Instagram is changing. This guide will show you how to apply for Instagram verification and increase your chances of success.

Rob Glover
August 2, 2023 | Social Media

5 Tips to Use Google Vehicle Ads to Jumpstart Your Dealership’s Growth

Google vehicle ads can jumpstart your dealership's success. Go full-speed ahead with these tips and best practices.

7 Simple Steps to Create a Facebook Business Page (+Tips to Make It More Engaging)

Your Facebook Business Page is one of the most important online properties for your business. Use these steps to create and optimize a Business Page that attracts more visitors and customers.

Rob Glover
July 31, 2023 | Social Media

5 Powerful Buying Motives & How to Use Them to Increase Sales

Appeal to one (or more) of these key buying motives to increase sales and revenue for your business while better connecting with customers.

3 Time-Saving Facebook Automated Rules to Try (+1 to Avoid!)

Facebook automated rules can save you precious time, streamline your processes, and set the stage for advertising success.

Brett McHale
July 27, 2023 | Facebook Ads

Client Retention for Agencies: 10 Tips for Keeping Clients for the Long Haul

Client retention is critical for growing agencies. Here you'll get 10 tips to keep clients happily working with your agency longer.

Instagram Threads: What You Need to Know (+5 Fast Tips to Get Started)

Get to know the latest social media app, Instagram Threads, as we walk through what it is and why it could matter for your business. Plus, quick tips to get started!

Susie Marino
July 26, 2023 | Social Media

5 Adaptable Buyer Persona Examples to Inspire Your Own

Buyer personas can help you identify and better target your ideal customers. Get five unique examples to help build your own.

The 7 Pillars of Building a Future-Proof PPC Account Structure

Understand how to future-proof your PPC account structure so you're ready to handle industry trends and changes head-on!

49 Back-to-School Messages for A+ Marketing (With Tips & Examples)

Find all the inspiration you need to create A+ back-to-school messages for social media, email subject lines, promotions slogans, and more.

Susie Marino
July 21, 2023 | Copywriting

Google Ads for Lead Generation: 10 Practical Strategies That Really Work

This expert shares 10 ways to make sure you're getting the most leads from your Google Ads campaigns.

Ranked: The 14 Most Important Copywriting Skills Every Marketer Needs

Copywriting isn't just for copywriters. It's useful for anyone that sells. These 14 copywriting skills are fundamental to do it well.

Rob Glover
July 19, 2023 | Copywriting

The Only Website Maintenance Checklist You’ll Ever Need

Neglecting your website maintenance can seriously hurt your site's performance--and your ability to get new customers. Use this handy checklist to keep your site up to par.

Google Advertiser Verification: 5 Key Reasons to Verify Your Account Early

Find out why you should complete your Google advertiser verification sooner rather than later--complete with examples of how this process can benefit your business.

Google’s E-E-A-T: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Google's E-E-A-T is an important concept to understand for SEO. This guide breaks E-E-A-T down and gives you practical tips for meeting Google's quality standards.

Gordon Donnelly
July 14, 2023 | SEO

The Complete Guide to Spotify Advertising: Tune Into Success!

The comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about Spotify advertising. From ad types and best practices to cost and examples.

9 Best Practices for LinkedIn Retargeting That Cut Costs & Drive Conversions

Use these tried-and-true LinkedIn retargeting tips to ensure you're squeezing the most out of your campaigns.