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64 Sparkling July Content Ideas for a Booming Month

Author: Rob Glover
Last Updated: June 17, 2024 | Seasonal Marketing

July is a blast, both literally and figuratively.

The month kicks off with the biggest holiday of the season. Then it continues with long sunny days spent at the grill, on the beach, and experiencing all manner of outdoor adventures. Add in the many meaningful days of observance, and you will have much to celebrate this month.

We’ve found some exceptional examples of July content ideas from incredibly creative brands and used them to riff on a bunch more. There are plenty of content options for email, video, search, and social, so pick your favorites and fill out your July marketing calendar.


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4th of July content ideas

There’s no doubt that the 4th of July is the pinnacle of summer for many people. And that’s doubly true for marketers looking to engage their audiences with fun messaging.

From patriotic to promotional, here’s a handful of July content ideas focused on Independence Day.

Reel in your audience on Instagram

Reels are Instagram’s answer to TikTok’s short-form videos. They’re designed to be quick bite-sized bits of content that entertain and educate in 90 seconds or less. In other words, they’re perfect for sharing a fun tip for the 4th of July.

One way to do that is by crafting a party planning Reel that shows viewers how to throw the ultimate 4th of July jubilee.

July content ideas - screenshot of an Instagram Reel about 4th of July party planning.

The creators give tips for festive food, decorating, and more in the short video. You can copy the idea or try one of these variations on the theme:

  • Share fireworks safety tips (for humans and pets).
  • Focus on one aspect, like three Independence Day drinks or a 4th of July charcuterie board.
  • Make a party-planning shopping list.

Bring revelers to your blog

Blog posts give you more freedom (pun intended) to go deep into Independence Day topics.

Check out this post, which tells readers the best spots to see the fireworks spectacular in New York City.

July content ideas - screenshot of a blog post about where to watch fireworks.

Each option includes a quick blurb about the vibe, making it easier for visitors to pick their perfect pyrotechnic perch.

Make this idea your own with a few of these variations:

  • Make the list focused on kid-friendly ways to spend Independence Day.
  • Create a map showing where all the local events will take place.
  • Publish a checklist of tips for enjoying the fireworks (or a list of items to bring).

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Use hashtags to get more reach

Hashtags are the Dewey Decimal System of social media. They help group and organize content so people can find what they want to read and watch.

When you tag your posts with 4th of July-themed hashtags, you make it easier for your content to surface right when people want it most.

July content ideas - screenshot of an Instagram post with several holiday hashtags.

Notice that not every relevant hashtag is a version of “4th of July” or “Independence Day.” Your best bet is to use a mix of tags to reach the most people.

Get started with this list of hashtag potentials:

  • #july4
  • #independenceday
  • #thefourth
  • #freedom
  • #fireworks
  • #redwhiteandblue
  • #patriotic
  • #homeofthebrave

Engage with email this 4th of July

Email continues to be a successful marketing channel because, unlike search and social media, you own the audience. This means you’re not subject to the algorithmic whims of a third-party platform.

Email is a perfect way to share a heartfelt 4th of July message with your most devoted customers and followers.

July content ideas - screenshot of a blog post about the 4th of July.

Be authentic, be thankful, and remember that this holiday is about more than grilling and bottle rockets for many. Use these 4th of July newsletter ideas for more inspiration:

  • Write a quick post highlighting a key piece of American history.
  • Introduce a few “local heroes” in your community who epitomize American ideals.
  • Tell people the part your town played in American independence.

Social awareness July content Ideas

There are dozens of causes worth spotlighting in your July content. Look for a few that align closely with your audience and your business’s values, then share them throughout the month.

National Parks and Recreation Month

Parks are a natural topic for July content since so many people explore them in summer. It’s also a fantastic theme for real estate businesses since parks can be a big draw for people looking to move into a new community.

This real estate office makes good use of drone footage to show off the beauty of a local park for National Parks and Recreation Month.

July content ideas - screenshot of a Reel showing a park from a drone.

Potential buyers will picture their summer days spent lounging at this waterside greenspace.

Don’t have a drone? Not a real estate professional? No problem. Here are some other ways you can connect with our audience to celebrate local parks:

  • Share a list of events organized by your local parks and recreation office.
  • Let a parks and rec volunteer take over your social for the day.
  • Make a bucket list of the best parks and organize it into categories like “Best for families” and “Best for dog owners.”

World Listening Day (July 18)

Sometimes it feels like listening is a lost art (what did you say?). That’s why World Listening Day is gaining steam. It’s a reminder to take in the sounds that surround us.

The original focus of World Listening Day was on nature and ecology. But you can adapt it for your content, like this blog post does.

July content ideas - screenshot of a blog post about listening in the workplace.

The article explains the importance of listening to others in professional settings and gives tips to do it more effectively. How else can you adapt this message for your audience? Here are a few ideas:

  • Partner with a family therapist to share ways families can better listen to each other.
  • Create a listening challenge where people spend 10 minutes on focused listening and share what they notice.
  • List out several places that’ll pique people’s auditory senses, like a bird sanctuary or park.

National Mutt Day (July 31)

Pet pictures are magnetic in marketing messages, so celebrate National Mutt Day to close out July on a high note.

This video is a perfect example of having fun with your followers in a low-lift way.

July content ideas - screenshot of a YouTube video showing people's dogs.

It’s just a series of images showing employees with their furry friends. Easy peasy but oh so pleasy!

If you want to boop the snoot of this canine content, try one of these ideas this July:

  • Ask followers to share pictures of their doggos (bonus: Make it a theme relevant to your brand for some quick user-generated content).
  • Partner with a local shelter to feature adorably adoptable dogs.
  • Create a list of tips for helping dogs manage hot weather.

More July social awareness content ideas

We weren’t kidding when we said there were many worthy causes to celebrate in July. Here are several to choose from:

  • National Anti-Boredom Month
  • American Zoo Day (July 1)
  • Cheer Up the Lonely Day (July 11)
  • National Give Something Away Day (July 15)
  • Amelia Earhart Day (July 24)
  • National Love Is Kind Day (July 27)
  • Buffalo Soldiers Day (July 28)
  • World Day Against Trafficking in Persons Day (July 30)
  • National Support Public Education Day (July 30)

Pop cultural July content ideas

The great thing about pop cultural events is that people often talk about them, especially online. There’s plenty to talk about in July. Jump into those conversations for ready-made audience engagement.

Capture the Sunset Week

Here’s an event tailor-made for social media. This brand asked its followers to share their best sunset images. In return, people who submit photos will see them posted across the brand’s social feeds.

July content ideas - screenshot of an Instagram post with a sunset picture competition.

Would such an offer similarly sway your fans? Maybe they’d like one of these Capture the Sunset Week ideas better:

  • Make a sunset viewing bucket list of the best sunset locations worldwide.
  • Have a professional photographer give tips for capturing the perfect sunset pic.
  • Explain the conditions for the most vibrant sunsets (like just after rain).

World Emoji Day (July 17)

There are millions of emojis floating around the internet, so World Emoji Day is a fun event every brand can promote.

Want some proof? See how the World Bank gets in on Emoji Day with this impactful little Reel.

July content ideas - screenshot of an Instagram Reel from the World Bank.

Whether your message is serious or silly, there’s an emoji or twelve for you. Here’s how to get in on the fun:

  • Create custom brand emojis and ask your followers to find ways to use them.
  • Hold a giveaway and award prizes to people who post the most creative sentences using only emojis.
  • Dress up like your favorite emoji and challenge others to do so.

Summer Olympics (start July 26)

Millions of people in the US watch the Olympics’ opening ceremonies. That’s a massive audience of enthusiastic viewers ready for your July content.

Viewing parties are popular during the Olympics, so this Instagram video wins the gold medal for matching messaging to the market.

July content ideas - screenshot of an Instagram post about planning a Summer Olympics party.

It has the right mix of catchy visuals and helpful information. But it’s far from the only way to participate in this phenomenon. Here are a few others:

  • Get in on Olympic-themed TikTok trends.
  • Video your team participating in office Olympics (chair races, trash-can basketball, etc.).
  • Post quick Olympic updates, especially for lesser-followed sports (we mean no disrespect, race walking).

More pop culture July content ideas

From rocket launches to reclining loungers, you’ll find something from this list of July events for every audience:

  • World UFO Days (July 2)
  • Video Games Day (July 8)
  • Embrace Your Geekiness Day (July 13)
  • Paperback Book Day (July 30)
  • Space Exploration Day (July 20)
  • National Hammock Day (July 22)
  • Tell an Old Joke Day (July 24)

Food July content ideas

What’s your favorite summertime food? Is it a perfectly grilled hot dog or a double scoop of ice cream (we’ll take ours in a waffle cone, please)? Whatever it is, you can probably taste it right now. That visceral reaction is precisely why your July content calendar should include some food-related content.

National Grilling Month

True grill masters aren’t born; they’re made. You’ve got to work your way through some chewy chops and mushy veggies before you perfect the art and science of it.

That’s where you and your July content come in. Celebrate National Grilling Month by helping people improve their grill skills and you’ll have a follower for life.

July content ideas - screenshot of a blog post with ideas for grilling.

The best part is you don’t need to be the king of propane and propane accessories to participate. Just share your love of outdoor cooking with one of these content ideas:

  • Ask your followers to share their craziest grilling recipes (we like a charred Caesar salad).
  • Partner with a grilling influencer (they exist and are very popular) to create content for your brand.
  • Make a menu of healthy food prep options using the grill.

National Picnic Month

From family gatherings to first dates, picnics are a staple of July activities. July is also National Picnic Month, so shake off those ants and get to producing some picnic-themed content.

Since picnic baskets are filled with a variety of goodies, it’s an excellent time to partner with other businesses. Your shared content will reach more people than posts only featured on your feed.

July content ideas - screenshot of an Instagram post promoting two products for picnics.

Start by finding complementary businesses, like a purveyor of camp chairs and blankets to compliment your culinary creations.

Here’s a basket full of other options to celebrate National Picnic Month:

  • Suggest the best picnic spots for romance, wheelchair accessibility, or those close to other activities like hiking or biking.
  • Curate a list of 50 potential picnic recipes and beverage pairings.
  • Make a picnic playlist of mood-setting music.

National Ice Cream Day (July 21)

There’s always room for ice cream, especially after a full day of play in the heat. That makes July the ideal time to have fun on National Ice Cream Day.

Check out this example of how to surprise people in your feed. A carousel of ice cream facts may not be the first thing you think of, but that’s why it’s a creative way to stand out.

July content ideas - screenshot of an Instagram post with ice cream facts.

Your facts could include the weirdest flavors, the largest cone, or the history of ice cream. If it interests you, it’ll interest your frozen dairy treat-loving followers.

Once you’ve had your fill of facts, use these other ice cream-themed content ideas in July:

  • Start a social media debate over “chocolate vs. vanilla” or “plain vs. sprinkles” (or get really spicy and ask if sherbert counts as ice cream).
  • Ask people to vote on their favorite local ice cream shop.
  • Host an old-fashioned ice cream social (complete with a soda jerk outfit) and share the video on your feeds.

Have a blast with these July content ideas

July may start with a bang, but it doesn’t have to fizzle out after the 4th. Keep the party going with new content that helps people enjoy, celebrate, and commemorate special days throughout the month. Spread the messaging around in emails, social media posts, videos, and blog content so your customers can enjoy it the way they like best.

For more July marketing ideas, check out these posts:

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