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How to Optimize for Google Mobile Advertising

While some advertisers have tried their best to ignore Google mobile advertising, it’s time for even the most determined deniers to get their heads out from the sand. Increasingly more search usage continues to shift to mobile devices, with Google reporting that in some cases over 50% of all search queries are conducted on a mobile device. With mobile search traffic growing 200% year over year, you’d have to be out of your mind to miss out on mobile.

Even for those psyched to mobilize for mobile devices, it can hard to know what needs to be done to ensure success, especially considering that Google mobile advertising is a relatively new concept for many users. Always seeking to understand and match the needs of small businesses, we’ve boosted our most popular free tool to help advertisers take advantage of this exciting mobile madness.

AdWords Grader Plus: Preparing You for a Mobile Takeover

WordStream’s AdWords Grader is already regarded by many as a must-have tool for measuring your PPC success – it measures your account performance based on key PPC metrics and provides personalized tips to help improve your AdWords performance – but with its new added features, this beloved tool has gotten even better (but don’t worry, it’s still free)!

The AdWords Grader Plus now includes an entire new section that is dedicated to analyzing your AdWords account’s Google mobile advertising performance through a Mobile Readiness Score.

The Mobile Readiness Score calls attention to missed mobile opportunities and compares your Google mobile advertising readiness against other advertisers in your vertical.

AdWords Performance Grader PPC Audit mobile advertising optimization report

The Mobile Readiness Report is the quickest and easiest way to see if your PPC account is properly prepared for Google mobile ads. The report features a graph illustrating what percentage of your spend is allocated to Google mobile advertising along with a series of evaluations to see if you are mobile optimized and following mobile best practices such as:

  • Creating mobile-preferred text ads
  • Using mobile sitelinks
  • Using mobile call extensions

Setting up these Google mobile advertising features will put you ahead of the competition and ensure that your PPC account is optimized for mobile.

Now is the time to get started on Google mobile advertising as other advertisers drag their feet – because mobile adoption is still lagging, clicks on mobile PPC ads are usually less expensive that clicks on desktops, even though mobile traffic tends to convert more than desktop. Pretty sweet deal! Following the best practices recommended by the AdWords Grader will help you develop your Google mobile advertising strategy and ensure that you’re at the top of your game.

AdWords Grader Plus: Google Mobile Advertising and More

In addition to the Mobile Readiness Report to help advertisers optimize for mobile, the improved AdWords Grader Plus also features two other new features:

  • Performance Tracker: This new feature tracks and analyzes your AdWords account every 30 days, offering advertisers insight on their marketing performance and how their performance is trending over time.
  • New & Improved Benchmarks: WordStream has updated its competitive benchmarks for AdWords so that the best practices and performance metrics featured in the AdWords Grader are more accurate than ever before.

Take advantage of Google mobile advertising – use the AdWords Grader Plus today. As always, it’s free, fast, and easy to use.

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