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Website Keywords: Find the Best Keywords for Your Website

Website keywords are more than words—they’re a valuable marketing asset. Knowing the keywords that potential customers use to find the offerings on your website is crucial if you want to tap into the huge market opportunity presented by search engines.

Unfortunately, the typical keyword tool will only get you so far. These tools may give you a list of keywords for your website, but they won’t help you do anything with those keywords. To get results, you need to organize and act on on your keyword research.

So how do you take advantage of your best keyword opportunities by putting them to work on your website? How can you use them to start seeing some SEO and PPC results?

Check out WordStream’s free keyword tools to find hundreds of relevant keywords to use on your website:

The Free Keyword Tool

Get thousands of keyword suggestions for your website, tailored to your industry and country. Learn More

best keyword research tools: wordstream free keyword tool

The Free Keyword Niche Finder

Enter a keyword to discover your most profitable pockets of keyword opportunities. This free tool delivers value-added, structured keyword suggestions ready to use in search campaigns. Learn More

The Free Keyword Grouper

Not sure where to start with keyword grouping? Start here! Drop in a list of keywords or analytic data and get back an organized keyword structure ready for relevant PPC and SEO campaigns. Learn More

The Negative Keyword Tool

Eliminate waste in your pay-per-click campaigns by identifying irrelevant keywords that could burn through your budget—before they cost you money. Learn More

Deep, Data-Driven Website Keyword Research

It’s not enough to generate a list of the most commonly searched keywords. Websites need extensive lists of relevant, long-tail keywords—longer, less common keyword phrases that show high intent. This will ensure that you’re attracting the right audience to your website: qualified searchers who might want to buy the product or service you’re selling.

Website Keywords You Can Act On

With WordStream’s free tools, you can take action on your website keywords—they aren’t just an inert list with nothing but potential. Your keyword results are designed to be actionable, so you can actually act on that data to get real-world results.

You can use WordStream’s keyword tools to:

  • Group keywords: Segmenting your keywords into small, semantically related groups is the single most effective step you can take toward better grades on your SEO report card and higher PPC ROI!
  • Set negative keywords: Remove the junk keywords that aren’t profitable for your website from your keyword research.
  • Write keyword-rich website copy: Create optimized landing pages, blog posts and other website content.
  • Create ad groups: You can convert keyword groups to ad groups for your PPC campaigns at the click of a button.

WordStream’s keyword tools increase the value and relevance of your website from the perspective of search engines and, more importantly, search engine users. When you’re using the right keywords for websites, you can act on those keywords for direct results and your traffic and conversions will increase continuously.

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