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Wordtracker (often mispelled as Word Tracker) offers keyword research, but where do you go from there?

WordStream gives you an integrated Keyword Research Suite to help you unearth new, profitable keywords and then act on those opportunities!

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Our Wordtracker alternative also allows you to take the next step in the keyword research process so that you can drive a greater number of leads and sales to your website. Here are three great reasons to try WordStream for SEO and PPC today:

  1. Discover your most valuable keyword opportunities from a variety of sources, including your own web analytics, ensuring maximum relevance to your audience and optimal returns.
  2. Group and organize your keywords so you can put them to work in traffic- and profit-driving SEO or PPC campaigns—then analyze your keywords to improve results further.
  3. Act on your keywords, using the SEO for Firefox plug-in to write search-optimized content that's super-targeted to your best audience.

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This page is meant to provide an alternative to WordTracker that is free to try, not to be a review of WordTracker.

If you were interested in WordTracker for PPC you might also be interested in our WordStream for PPC product.

You can also learn more about our SEO keyword tool by signing up for a free trial of WordStream for SEO.