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PPC Storytelling: How to Make an Excel Bubble Chart for PPC

As PPC managers, we understand our campaigns, but it can be difficult to quickly and effectively describe our campaigns to our clients or supervisors in order to set the proper context for further exploration.

Advanced Search Query Mining Part 1: The Power of Search Queries

If you are bidding on broad match keywords and ignoring your search queries, you are definitely wasting money. Learn how search query mining can maximize ROI.

Google’s Broad Match Modifier: Who Should Use It, Why, and How

Modified broad match is a way to refine your standard broad match keywords for tighter targeting and control over your ad spend. Learn who should be using Google's new broad match modifier feature in AdWords and how to employ it.

Using Enhanced CPC and Third-Party Bid Management

Learn the benefits of using bid management software along with Google's new Enhanced CPC to lower your bids and cost per click.