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What’s a marketer or small business owner without ideas? Our marketing ideas blog posts cover everything from holiday marketing, to creative marketing, to low-budget marketing and much, much more. Get the inspiration you need for your next big, brilliant marketing idea. Then, learn time-honored strategies to go out into the world, execute, and drive results that really matter.

7 Awesome Data Visualization Tools for Digital Marketers

Data visualization tools can help you turn data into something both powerful and beautiful. Here are the 7 best data viz tools for to transform your data marketing.

Dan Shewan
September 26, 2016 | Marketing Ideas

Generational Marketing: How to Target Millennials, Gen X, & Boomers

We've done the research! In this post we examine the best online marketing strategies for targeting three key generational demographics.

Mary Lister
September 26, 2016 | Marketing Ideas

2 Classic Ways Your Analytics Are Lying to You

Your analytics are supposed to help you do your job better. But these big lies your analytics tell you can get in the way of your decision making. Learn how to fix them.

Brad Smith
September 22, 2016 | Marketing Ideas

5 Surprising Benefits of a Super-High CTR

I'm obsessed with click-through rate, for good reason: Incredibly high CTR's have surprising benefits in every marketing channel. Learn why in this article.

Larry Kim
September 21, 2016 | Marketing Ideas

How to Do Thought Leadership Marketing: The Larry Kim Way

Learn how Larry Kim used five unique thought leadership marketing strategies to become one of the most renowned experts in search marketing - and how you can do the same.

Dan Shewan
September 19, 2016 | Content Marketing

Bing Expanded Text Ads: 5 Things You Need to Know

It’s official: Expanded Text Ads (also known as ETAs) are coming to Bing Ads! Here are the top five things you need to know to gear up for Bing's version of Expanded Text Ads.

Erin Sagin
September 6, 2016 | Marketing Ideas

Q&A with Search Legend Danny Sullivan on Industry Change, SMX East, RankBrain & More

Danny Sullivan has spent 20 years reporting on the rapidly changing world of search. Find out what he thinks about RankBrain and many other industry topics in this fascinating Q&A with Larry Kim.

Larry Kim
August 31, 2016 | Marketing Ideas

5 Killer Examples of Data-Driven Marketing

Don't dive into marketing without the right data! Using data to inform and analyze your marketing campaigns makes all the difference. Check out these five killer examples of data-driven marketing campaigns that got great results.

Guest Author
August 23, 2016 | Marketing Ideas

The Best SEO Strategies for 2016 in One Awesome Infographic

It’s a whole new world of SEO! Learn the SEO strategies that really work in 2016 with this in-depth infographic covering local search, mobile SEO and more.

Mary Lister
August 17, 2016 | Marketing Ideas

8 Cool Marketing Analysis Tools for Data Junkies

There are dozens of marketing analysis tools, but these are our eight favorite tools for digging in and analyzing marketing data to get results.

Dan Shewan
August 12, 2016 | Marketing Ideas

The Ultimate List of Time Management Tips for Digital Marketers

Never seem to be enough hours in the day? Check out our ultimate list of time management tips for digital marketers and learn to be more productive and efficient!

Dan Shewan
August 9, 2016 | Marketing Ideas

Video Marketing Ideas: 9 Ways to Promote Video Content

So you've produced a beautiful marketing video. Now how do you promote it? Check out 9 video marketing ideas for getting your videos out there.

7 Social Media Management Tips to Save Time & Improve Results

Social media management is hard, but we're sharing our seven best social media management tips that we use at WordStream to save time and grow and engage an audience.

Mary Lister
July 22, 2016 | Marketing Ideas

What Is Content Advertising, and Should You Be Doing It?

What is content advertising, and should you be doing it? What's the difference between content marketing and content advertising? Find out everything you need to know here.

Dan Shewan
July 21, 2016 | Marketing Ideas

15 Ways to Get More Customers on the Cheap

Need more customers? Of course you do! There are plenty of actionable steps you can take to get more customers even if your marketing budget is small.

3 Ways to Run More Effective Client Meetings

Want to hold better, more productive client meetings? Then follow Maddie Cary's essential tips for more effective, productive meetings that keep clients happy.

3 Ways to Get Inside Your Prospects’ Inboxes with PPC

Most businesses find email to be one of their most effective marketing channels. Here are three clever ways to use PPC to get access to your prospects' email inboxes.

The 13 Best Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

As a small business, you are constantly looking for ways to attract business without breaking the bank. Here are our best strategies, digital and off-line, to market your business while ultimately saving you money!

Mary Lister
June 22, 2016 | Marketing Ideas

RLSA for Competitive Markets: A Ridiculously Awesome Way Forward in PPC

AdWords RLSA campaigns in and of themselves won't move the needle, because they tend to steal conversions for your regular search campaigns. However, combined with social ads, they make for a ridiculously awesome way forward in PPC! Learn the full strategy here.

Larry Kim
June 6, 2016 | Marketing Ideas

Easy Guide to Hero Images: How to Look Good & Get the Clicks

Hero images are a huge trend in web design. Find out what a hero image is, where to find great hero images for your site, how exactly to use hero images in your website marketing strategy, and see examples of the best hero images on the internet right now.

Segmentation Strategies for Super-Targeted Email Marketing

We all get too many emails that we don't want. Email marketers, make us feel special! Here are tips for segmentation and super-targeted emails that your subscribers will love.

13 Can’t-Miss Marketing Awards (Complete with Application Deadlines)

Check out this round-up of the very best marketing awards you should be applying to, as well as additional info such as entry fees.

7 Excel Tricks to Make You a Power User

Master the spreadsheet with these Excel tricks to increase productivity and be a more valuable asset to your company.

Why You NEED to Raise Organic CTR’s (And How to Do It)

Is click-through rate (CTR) a ranking factor in Google? We've got data that suggests yes, Google does factor organic CTR into its ranking algorithm -- plus crucial tips on how to raise your Google click-through rates for better organic rankings and SEO.

11 Ways to Drive Growth with 10X Better Marketing Webinars

Of course, webinars are hardly new. Many companies do them and have been for years. But many businesses do webinars incredibly poorly. I'm sure you’ve experienced a terrible webinar first hand – and probably not too long ago.

9 Easy Ways to Improve Your Marketing Resume

Want to land a sweet marketing job? Make sure your marketing resume is good enough to get an interview with these nine tips.

5 Tell-Tale Signs That Your Client Is About to Jump Ship

When things aren’t going so hot with your PPC clients, there are plenty of tell-tale hints. Here are the top five signals that your client is about to jump ship!

Erin Sagin
April 15, 2016 | Marketing Ideas